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40% of your purchase goes directly to Yogie and Friends – You can help by inviting your friends and family from coast to coast to support our group by purchasing their favorite magazine subscriptions online. They’ll save up to 85% on more than 650 titles while our group keeps 40% of each purchase amount!





  GoodShop for Yogie and Friends
Select Yogie and Friends, and then use the link for any of the stores listed and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to us.







I Give
i Give  
Sign up for Yogie to be your charity of choice and every time you shop online with any of the igive affiliates they will donate a percentage to Yogie and Friends.



Cat ClawCat Clawss 

Shop at the CatClaws web site and  Yogie will receive 5% of the amount you spend! Please remember you MUST click thru these links for Yogie to receive any money


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