September 2021 Newsletter

Hello Yogie Fans!

Can you believe it is September already? Where has this year gone so fast? Now, we would really like some cooler temps and that would be awesome. We would love our electric bill to go down! Lol!



MAX: We must sadly report that we had to make the difficult choice to help Max cross the rainbow bridge. In 2005 a Caddo Parish Sheriff’s deputy asked us if we would take his very mean cat. Max was about a year old. The deputy had two young daughters that loved the cat, but he would attack for no reason. We love that they all cared enough to give him a chance in another environment. He bonded with our founder. He also mellowed some over the years. Max had been in failing health off and on the past year. His kidneys worsened over the past few months and blood test showed slight improvement, but his red blood count was very bad. He also stopped eating the last day and a half of his life, so we knew he was ready.

Max gently crossed the rainbow bridge. We are happy for his 16 years with us and know we gave him the best life. He is reunited with the deputy that brought him to us.

R.I.P. Max. 2004 – 26 August 2021

CONDOLENCES: We want to send our condolences to the family of a special friend, Diane Bartoo Burns. Diane sadly died on August 2nd after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. She was an amazing person who loved all animals and would do what she could to help support rescues in their endeavors. She and our director became friends because of rescue, and she was a sponsor to one of our cats. Her death hit us all hard, but more so her son and daughter. We are going to miss Diane a great deal. R.I.P. Diane. Give all our cats a scratch under the chin for us.

CONSTRUCTION DUMPSTERS: On July 15th we paid to have two construction dumpsters delivered to the Yogie property to clear out old concrete and fence materials and get the property leveled out in preparation for new building construction. Sadly, the person who made these arrangements on our behalf with a third party has not delivered as promised. We are sad that someone would do something like this to us. So, we are now out $300, owe our veterinarian over $2000, and STILL don’t have the construction dumpsters as promised. Do we have any Yogie fans in the Shreveport Bossier City area that can donate the use of construction dumpsters? We are in Frierson, Louisiana. We really want to get this project done ASAP.


Smokey: Smokey, our cat that had an aural hematoma in his right ear, has lost seven pounds. That is too big a weight loss for a cat. The vets are going to retest his thyroid levels on September 9th. He also is on a probiotic since he has severe diarrhea that could be the other cause of his weight loss. Smokey is around 11 or 12 years old, and fortunately he is not showing any geriatric organ issues.

Miss Gray: Our director noticed Miss Gray panting heavily, which is often a very dangerous sign for cats. Cats don’t pant like dogs to cool down and can be a sign of heart issues. We rushed her to our vet and the doctor said her lungs had a slight noise that concerned them. X-Rays showed what looked to be a mass in Miss Gray’s lung, so they performed Cat Scan the next morning. Fortunately, it was not a mass, but appears to be a diaphragmatic hernia. It is a congenital condition that the doctor just recommends watching for now. We are just very happy it is not something more serious. We have had two panting cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that resulted in them dying from heart attacks. We were fearing that with Miss Gray, but so happy this is not the case with her. Of course, the time without any vet bills was short lived. We currently have a balance of $2057.04 on our vet bill. Considering what procedures were done, we are glad it isn’t much higher.

If you would like to help defray the current medical costs, you can phone in a donation directly to the clinic at 318-747-5747.

Or PayPal at

or Venmo @yogiecats. We appreciate any help you can provide.





Sunny: Sunny is a gorgeous, deep orange in color, FIV+ cat. We were contacted several years ago by Dr. Snyder in Bossier City that he was a positive cat that he did not want to euthanize just for having this diagnosis. He told us he also had a continuous weeping eye condition and would be that way the rest of his life. We took Sunny into the sanctuary and after cleaning his eyes and administering eye drops, we wanted to see if there was something more, we could do for him. He always seemed like he was in pain. He was. He had a condition called, Spastic Entropion, which means the eye lids curl inward, and the eye lashes scratch the corneas. He had ulcers in his eyes. Dr. Core did surgery on his eye lids and Sunny was like a whole new cat. He wasn’t squinting all the time, no sore ulcers, and he started playing more and became an overall much happier cat. We are thrilled he had a successful surgery.



Voodoo. Voodoo was another cat that tested FIV positive and came to us from the same veterinarian, Dr. Snyder. We really appreciate that Dr. Snyder feels these cats deserve to live. He came to us with Sunny, Paisley, and Bubba. They were our first group. Voodoo is a chill cat. One of his ears folds down like a Scottish fold. He is a beautiful, black, longhaired cat. He loves to just lay on your lap and get love.


SPONSORSHIP:  We often speak of our sponsorship program and right now we are really trying hard to get all our cats sponsored. Sponsorship is a great way to help support our cats. By sponsoring one of our Yogie cats you will be providing food, limited medical care (we know that medical bills can get extremely high and do not expect a sponsor to cover it. Unless they can, and want to), and their basic care and support. 100% of the sponsorship goes to the care of these animals. If each cat had a regular, monthly, sponsor, it would help ease the burden of care for the animals we provide sanctuary for.

We do not do any giveaways such as shirts, merchandise, etc., as part of the sponsorship. Many fans agree that it is an unnecessary expense that takes away from the donation you are sending. We do, on occasion, get fans who will donate things such as magnets with our name on it that we will send our fans. We want to make the best use of your donation for our cats. We appreciate our fans so much and know you are who make this all possible.

We have been slowly getting sponsors for our cats. One way you can do this is a monthly donation via PayPal at, but we ask that you choose the Friends and Family option so that you pay the processing fees and Yogie receives the entire donation. You can make this a recurrent automatic transaction, so you do not have to go in every month to donate. Or you can also donate via Venmo @YogieCats.

Please note that more than one person may sponsor a cat but rest assured that all sponsor funds are used for the ongoing care of our cats.

You can sponsor a cat for just $15 a month, $45 a quarter, or $180 a year. You can always contribute more. It all helps a great deal.

If you choose to sponsor a cat via PayPal or Venmo, please let us know the name of the cat you would like to sponsor. We are currently working on the cat biographies, we will feature out cats in a section called, Cat Corner, to tell you what we know about each cat. We do not always have much information about those in our care, but hopefully we can give you some good information about them. We have names on the list for you to choose a cat to sponsor.



FIV Positive Cats:

Alex – is being sponsored by Patsy, a fan in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Sunny – is being sponsored by Richard, a fan in St. Louis, Missouri.


Bubba – Is being sponsored by Louise, a fan in Australia.

Dotsey – Is being sponsored by Beverly, a fan in Shreveport, Louisiana.



Brexit – Is being sponsored by Richard, a fan in St. Louis, Missouri


Grayson – Is being sponsored by Phil and Ann, fans in Haughton, Louisiana.



Non-Positive Cats:




Claire – is being sponsored by Bonnie, a fan in N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts.


Duncan – Is being sponsored by Vanessa, a fan in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Grace – is being sponsored by Dorothy, a fan in Blytheville, Arkansas.











Miss Kitty



Quinn – Is being sponsored by Denyce, a fan in Houston, Texas.

Theo (Tayo) – Is being sponsored by Denyce, a fan in Houston, Texas.

Ms. Gray






















Lucia (Deaf, survivor of a broken jaw) – is being sponsored by Dorothy, a fan in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Uncle Fester

Yeti – Is being sponsored by Diane, a fan in Richardson, Texas.





Maggie Mae



CRITICAL NEED: Right now, we are in urgent need of food and cat litter and have found the easiest way to get these items is through CHEWY We have set up our Chewy wish list and here is the link to order items off the wish list for our cats. They ship the items directly to the sanctuary in Frierson and they are fast. Items have arrived as fast as two days for items they have in stock. It is a great program to help the cats.



23 October 2021

10am – 3pm

Paws in the Park (Rescue Booth)

Hosted by Real Estate to the Rescue

River Park Church

3232 E. 70th Street, Shreveport, LA



AMAZON WISH LIST: We have updated our Amazon wish list; with our most needed food items and cat litter. Also, when you shop via you can select Yogie and Friends as your charity of choice and they will donate a percentage of the sales to us. It is an extremely easy way to help.

PAYPAL: Did you know you can do automatic monthly donations to Yogie and Friends via PayPal? This is an easy and effective way to help our fundraising for the animals. You can also choose to pay the fees by selecting the Friends and Family option in PayPal ensuring we would receive the entire amount of your donation. Our PayPal is:

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Your donations are the most important thing to help us with our animals. We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit, in good standing. Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We can really use help with funds to buy food, veterinarian care, and everyday care of the wellbeing of the animals. Thank you for your support.

We are spending about $2000 a month on food and litter.

Our intake is closed until further notice.




PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Adopt! Do not Shop!  

Thank You! The Yogie and Friends Gang!

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