October 2017 Newsletter

Hello Yogie Fans!

Kristoff (rest in peace buddy)

We had an unexpected, and very sad, loss at Yogie and Friends. Our beloved, Kristoff, who had fought a blood infection two months previously, died suddenly on September 25th. He was only two years old and we felt it was important to find the cause of his sudden death. We are still awaiting on necropsy results. On examination, it appears neurological. No matter what the cause we are devastated at this loss. We are so happy that he had been spoiled and pampered and enjoyed as good a life as any cat could.

Vet Bills: Because of the emergency vet visit, and the care and surgery to save Kristoff, our coffers have been hit very hard. The ER visit alone was $545. The other vet care to save his life, as well as major surgery on another cat diagnosed with Triaditis (impact on the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas), we paid another $2744. People may think this is harsh to pay so much, and sadly we lost our beloved Kristoff, but we did save another cat. This is what we are about. We save cats. Of course, we will always do what is the most humane thing based on input from our veterinarians, but we will do what we can without reason and without suffering. We could really use your help in building our bank account back up after this hit.

Thank You: Thank you to Dottie’s Delights and Flying Heart Brewing for their donations. They selected Yogie and Friends as their charity of choice for the month of August and we thank them for their kindness.

Chewy: We are now a partner with Chewy.com and when you shop via their website and select Yogie and Friends as your charity we will get a portion of the sales. This is a great way to help our cats and we hope you will select us as your charity. You can use this link with our partner number:  www.chewy.com/rp/6019

Bissell Pet Foundation: We are also part of the Bissell Pet Foundation and hopefully will be able to receive grants to help our shelter now as a result. This is a great program that Bissell has started. We appreciate being able to be part of this program. BISSELL Pet Foundation supports programs and initiatives that are focused on addressing the pet overpopulation crisis in our country. Through funding for pet adoption, spay/neuter, microchipping and foster care we are making a difference to reduce the number of pets in shelters and rescues. They support the lifesaving work of 3,000 animal welfare organizations in all 50 states.

Cat Litter: We are currently in desperate need of Scoopable cat litter. We found that the Wal-Mart Special Kitty (40-pound box) to be the best value now and we have been buying that. But, we will take any Scoopable litter right now as we really need it. You can send a monetary donation to us and we will pick up the litter, since shipping it is costly, or contact us for a pickup place. Please help us with this. We need you.

New Cat Building: We still need your help in completing the new cat building. The electrical work should be done within the next month and then the insulation and drywall. We would like to get this completed before Christmas. If you can help us make this possible much faster you can donate via PayPal at yogieandfriends@hotmail.com or by mailing a check or money order to: Yogie and Friends, 128 Fob Lane, Frierson, LA 71027.

Cost breakdown for the building:

Building  12×24                    $5264.40
Flooring                                 $755.99
Insulation                              $210.43
Drywall                                   $281.60
Lights                                     $175.88
Ceiling Fans                         $140.00

Miscellaneous Materials such as concrete, lumber, nails, mud, paint, etc.

Our Needs: We always need cat litter. We use Scoopable cat litter, preferably unscented or very little scent, cat food (Purina Cat Chow Complete dry), and canned (usually Friskies pate’ or shreds, and Fancy Feast pate’).

Since we have the normal operational costs of electric, water, gas, and of course, Veterinary care, we need cash. Cash is very important to our caring for the cats and none of us get paid at Yogie and Friends. 100% of your tax-deductible donations go to the animal’s care.

Donations of cash can be done in several ways, online via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card to make a one-time donation via PayPal. Or you can mail a check or money order to: Yogie and Friends, 128 Fob Lane, Frierson, LA 71027

Louisiana and Texas Kroger Shoppers: If you have not already done so, it’s time to relink your Kroger Community Rewards to your Kroger Plus Card. Every time you shop at a Texas or Louisiana Kroger and use your Plus Card, Kroger will donate a portion of the sale to Yogie and Friends to help the FIV and other special needs cats we have at the sanctuary. Every little bit helps! Here is the link to enroll or sign in (if you are already enrolled). Choose us as your charity of choice. NPO #80724, Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary (we will be fixing the name later, but it’s still all good). https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards

Recycle Ink Cartridges: New labels have arrived and are available for you to ship cartridges out for recycling. Please consider helping us with our recycling program.  Don’t throw those old ink jet/laser jet cartridges in the trash. Give them to us or let us mail you the labels so you can send them out directly and save us a step. We recycle them and get cash for the cats. You can box up the cartridges; put a prepaid label on it that we will provide you, and then drop it off at any UPS shipping facility or they can pick it up at your business. If you need labels, then just contact us and we will get some to you.

Facebook: Please like and follow us on Facebook at Yogie and Friends Special Needs Cats. It is a strictly controlled page so that nobody is every bullied or threatened on our page by others. It’s a safe page to share educational information and news about our wonderful cats. Please like on the page and share with your friends.

SPONSOR A SPECIAL NEEDS CAT:  We need sponsors for our cats. We hope that is you. By sponsoring one of the FIV cats you will be providing food, medical care, and their basic care and support. 100% of the sponsorship goes to the care of these animals.

Sponsors Needed:

Please note that more than one person may sponsor some cats, but rest assured that all sponsor funds are used for the ongoing care of our cats.

You can sponsor a cat for just $15 a month, $45 a quarter, or $180 a year.

Cats in need of Sponsoring:

FIV/Feline Leukemia Positive Cats:                               Non-Positive Cats:

Petey                                                                                      Hope                          Elsa

Gatsby                                                                                    Max                             Barney

Paisley                                                                                   Anna                          Duncan

Sunny                                                                                   Casper                       Muff

VooDoo                                                                                 Blackie                       Penelope

Frazier                                                                                    Luna                           Duckie

Bubba                                                                                     Lucy                           Smudge

Nimitz                                                                                     Squeak                      Smokey

Dotsey                                                                                    Bandit                        Snowball

Bruno                                                                                     Natasha                     Boo

Alex                                                                                        Miss Kitty                   Blacky





You can mail your donations to us at:

Yogie and Friends
128 Fob Lane
Frierson, LA 71027


If you wish to donate on a regular basis and do not wish to use PayPal, your bank can set up automatic payments for you.

AMAZON WISH LIST: If you shop via Amazon.com you select Yogie and Friends as your charity of choice. They will donate a percentage of the sales to us. It’s a very easy way to help.


We also have an Amazon wish list to help with the feeding and caring of our feral cat colonies as well as the adoptable cats and kittens we are fostering. Please help if you can.


We still need your financial help with the nine big cats we are boarding and all donations are appreciated as we continue to care for them. They are safe and well.

Money we raise during any of our fundraisers goes to the boarding of our big cats and for TNR. We have always been, and will continue to be, a 100% volunteer driven organization.

Upcoming Events:

5 November 2017               2pm – 6pm            Vendor Booth at Paws in Paradise

                                                                                    Margaritaville Casino and Hotel

                                                                                    Bossier City, Louisiana


16 December 2017             11am – 3 pm Christmas Bake Sale and Fundraiser

                                                                       Petco, 6596 Youree Drive, Shreveport


PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Adopt! Don’t Shop! Also, please continue heartworm prevention all year round and not just in the summer months. Heartworm disease can be transmitted all year.

Jenny and the Yogie and Friends Gang!

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