November 2022 Newsletter

Greetings Yogie Fans!

We would like to thank all our fans, new and old, that came out and supported us at the annual Paws in the Park. It is always a fun time for us to catch up with everyone, and one of the few opportunities for us to catch up with our other rescue friends as well. A big thank you goes out to Realtors to the Rescue who are the ones who do this for local rescues. It is a lot of work, and it never disappoints. Thank you all again!

Our Fall Bake sale was a considerable success, and we cannot thank those of you who came out and supported us enough. Thank you!

YOGIE DAY AT BELLA NONNAS:  Bella Nonnas Olive Oil and Vinegar tasting bar will be hosting us on November 19th. We plan to have a mini bake sale featuring olive oils from Bella Nonnas. Things like our Harissa, or Blood Orange, infused brownies, and hopefully more items. If you have purchased oil or vinegar from them before you can bring in your bottles for refills and receive one, or two, dollars off, depending on the size of the bottle. Bella Nonnas will be donating a percentage of their sales from this day to Yogie and Friends. We have a lot of fun at these events. They will honor sales from the day, but we plan to be there between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

FERAL CAT HOUSES:  We have been caring for feral cats as long as we have been a sanctuary. Many of us have been doing so longer than that. We have learned so much over the years about the care of these community cats. They have their place, even though cat hate is still a big issue, so it is important for us caring for community cats to be diligent and a source of education, for all. We do a great deal of Trap/Spay-Neuter/Release (TNR) and have, up until the last year, been done, we thought, with the colonies we care for. Typically, a well-managed feral colony does not always grow. If cats are fixed there is not typically the need for other unaltered cats to come into the colony since there is no chance of reproducing. We will get some stragglers because breeding is not the only thing they seek out, they are looking for food and shelter as well. When we see a new, or unaltered cat, in the colony, we trap them and bring them to Robinson’s Rescue to be spay/neutered, and they get a rabies vaccination. They will also be ear tipped, which is a universal sign of a cat being TNRd.

In the past we have made small shelters, as do many rescues, out of the Rubbermaid containers. We would insulate them with Styrofoam, and place straw, never hay since hay maintains moisture, and the cats will use these. The problem with these is that they become brittle and start to crack and break apart. They do not last as long as we would like. Our director has purchased several of the smaller wooden doghouse style shelters and painted them with a weatherproof stain. These have lasted far longer than anything we have done. We would like to purchase some of these commercially made houses since they last longer. Some are pricey, but we feel overall they will pay for themselves since we will not be buying new containers all the time.

If you would like to help contribute, or purchase one, two, or more, you can find them on our Amazon wish list.

VET ISSUES:  Our current medical issues are three cats with some gastrointestinal issues now. Finn, Chloe, and Anastasia are having some chronic diarrhea, which one test showed Finn having roundworms, which we do not understand how that is even possible since he NEVER goes outdoors and has no exposure. The vet is having him retested. He could have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is not unusual in older cats, but still needs to be addressed. Anastasia has a history of Pancreatitis, so that is just a matter of supportive care. Chloe, has been vomiting again and we are having her thyroid levels retested. She may just need an adjustment to her thyroid medication. We are doing everything to keep our cats healthy, and away from the hospital, as much as possible. Paws and claws crossed, we have no serious issues and have a break from vet bills.

FOOD AND LITTER:  We have been experiencing a great deal of trouble finding the cat food, and cat litter, we need for the sanctuary. We typically get our canned food and cat litter from Sam’s Club because they have the best prices. Even better than our local military installations, which three of us have access to. When we do find it in stock, we buy as much as we can afford and use our personal funds to get it just so we have it. We finally were able to get some Friskies Pate, after almost three months of it being out of stock everywhere. It gets scary when you have seventy permanent cat residents and cannot find food. We have been fortunate enough to have people help us get what we need, but we really need more help to keep up with the needs with the lack of availability.

Friskies Pate’ has gone from $21.95 to $39.98 for a pack of sixty cans in less than a year. This is getting crazy. The Fancy Feast cans went from forty-six cents a can, to eighty-three cents a can. Our cat litter went up $4 as well. It is nerve wracking with the increase in costs and lack of availability.

Our fans can help by donating via our Chewy and Amazon wish lists.

We also have two cats on thyroid medicine, and we use treats like Churu licks, and Delectables Squeeze Ups to administer the pills to them. We were shown a trick to place the pill on a plate, then dab the treat on them and the cats lick them up. It WORKS! It makes life easier for us, and more so for the cats. We put these on our wish lists as well.

Cash donations are ever more important for us. Or you can donate using one of the following methods:

Venmo: YogieCats

And as always, you can mail a check or money order to: Yogie and Friends, 128 Fob Lane, Frierson, LA 71027.

FOOD AND LITTER NEEDS:  The shelves at pet stores, and other stores in general, have been quite bear with the critical supplies we need. Our priorities are, scoopable cat litter (no lightweight as it is not safe for sick, or young, cats), Friskies Pate’ canned food, Royal Canin Kitten slices in gravy (Our young cats and kittens eat this best), Royal Canin Dry Kitten, Purina Complete Dry, and Purina Naturals. We do not use grain free as it is not safe or recommended by our veterinarians. We also use Purina Fortiflora, which is a probiotic that aids in the health of the cats. Any, and all, help with these items would be appreciated. You can check out our wish lists on Amazon and Chewy.


KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS:  Attention Kroger Shoppers. We have been part of the Kroger Community Rewards program for well over 15 years, but they made some changes to their program, and we want to update our fans who happen to shop at Kroger Grocery Stores. Our Kroger Community Rewards number is now GD567, and you can find us by our name as well, Yogie and Friends FIV Positive Cat Sanctuary. When you log into your Kroger account you can select us as your charity of choice and a portion of your purchase will be donated to our rescue sanctuary. This is one of the easiest ways to help us financially when you go grocery shopping. It takes nothing out of your pockets either. How cool is that?

Please consider helping our cats when you shop at Kroger. We deeply appreciate your help.

SPONSORSHIP:  We often speak of our sponsorship program and right now we are really trying hard to get all our cats sponsored. Sponsorship is a wonderful way to help support our cats. By sponsoring one of our Yogie cats, you will be providing food, limited medical care (we know that medical bills can get extremely high and do not expect a sponsor to cover it. Unless they can, and want to), and their basic care and support. 100% of the sponsorship goes to the care of these animals. If each cat had a regular, monthly, sponsor, it would help ease the financial burden of care for the animals we provide sanctuary for.

Please note that more than one person may sponsor a cat but rest assured that all sponsored funds are used for the ongoing care of our cats.


You can sponsor a cat for just $15 a month, $45 a quarter, or $180 a year. You can always contribute more. It all helps a great deal.


If you choose to sponsor a cat via PayPal or Venmo, please let us know the name of the cat you would like to sponsor.



FIV Positive Cats:

Alex – is being sponsored by Patsy, a fan in Shreveport, Louisiana.



Dotsey – Is being sponsored by Beverly, a fan in Shreveport, Louisiana.





Grayson – Is being sponsored by Phil and Ann, fans in Haughton, Louisiana.



Non-Positive Cats:




Claire – is being sponsored by Bonnie, a fan in N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts.


Duncan – Is being sponsored by Vanessa, a fan in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Grace – is being sponsored by Dorothy, a fan in Blytheville, Arkansas.










Miss Kitty


Quinn – Is being sponsored by Denyce, a fan in Houston, Texas.

Theo (Tayo) – Is being sponsored by Denyce, a fan in Houston, Texas.

Ms. Gray











Mama – Is being sponsored by Louise, a fan in Australia.











Lucia (Deaf, survivor of a broken jaw) – is being sponsored by Dorothy, a fan in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Uncle Fester






Maggie Mae













Yogie and Friends Day at Bella Nonnas

Bella Nonnas Olive Oil and Vinegar

1409 E. 70th Street, Suite 107-B

Shreveport, Louisiana

19 November 2022

11 A.M. – 3 P.M.


Christmas Bake Sale


6596 Youree Drive

Shreveport, Louisiana

17 December 2022

10 A.M. – 2 P.M.


Yogie Booth at Barkus and Meoux Pet Parade

12 February 2023

Times TBD

Fairground Field

Shreveport, Louisiana


AMAZON SMILE: Did you know that when you shop via you can select Yogie and Friends as your charity of choice, and they will donate a percentage of the sales to us? It is an extremely effortless way to help.

PAYPAL: PayPal has a program where you can do automatic monthly donations to Yogie and Friends. This is an easy and effective way to help our fundraising for the animals. You can also choose to pay the fees by selecting the Friends and Family option in PayPal ensuring we would receive the entire amount of your donation. Our PayPal is:

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Your donations are the most important thing to help us with our animals. We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit, in good standing. Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We can really use help with funds to buy food, veterinarian care, and everyday care of the wellbeing of the animals. Thank you for your support.

We are spending about $5000 a month on food and litter alone. Then we have vet bills and other incidentals that come up creating an immediate need.

Our intake is closed until further notice.






PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Adopt! Do not Shop!


Thank You! The Yogie Cats and their Volunteer Staff!

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