November 2021 Newsletter

Greetings Yogie Fans!

November is already here and there is so much we hope to accomplish for the cats. We can only do so with the help of our friends, and we so appreciate the help you have provided over the years. Thank you for that.

Thank you to those who came out to the Paws in the Park event. It is always an enjoyable time to see, and catch up, with friends both new and old. It was a great day.

TNR: Trap-Neuter-Return, is when we humanely trap feral cats, take them to get spay/neutered, rabies vaccinated, then returned to the colony we trapped them. This is the best way to control the community cat population. At the sanctuary property we have not had to do much of this over the years. That has changed. This year we have had more feral cats than we have ever seen on the property. It is from Frierson building new homes, people moving and leaving cats behind to fend for themselves outdoors, we just do not know. We just know we have a new problem, and we are getting it under control. It is a shame these cats are in this situation. It is not their fault. It is not ours either, but we need to rectify this situation. We have been caring for these cats on our property, but it seems there were many more births than we even knew about. One cat had two litters. On Wednesday evening, October 27th, eight cats and kittens were successfully trapped and brought in to be fixed. One kitten we knew had a possible broken leg and we were thrilled to have successfully caught him. Our director took him to Airline Animal Health and Surgery Clinic and this young baby, 3 months, had a poorly healed compound fracture just above his ankle. We cannot imagine how much pain he experienced at such an early age. On Friday, October 29th, his leg was amputated, he tested negative for FIV/FeLV, was vaccinated, and is spending his healing with the director. He is coming out of his shell and likes her. He is playful and gets around like nobody’s business. He is quite fast and adept. We hope to get his four littermates socialized as well. We believe there may be four more needing to be captured. But, to get eight cats fixed in one day is great. Unfortunately, it costs to do all this and the injured kitten, the receptionist named, Dunkin, cost $800. It would have been much more without the generous discount we received. TNR is an important thing. This was a huge step in stopping a long line of more feral kittens.

PASTEL PET PORTRAIT RAFFLE: One of our very talented artist friends, we are fortunate to have several talented friends, is donating her skills to a raffle that will be drawn at our Christmas bake sale on December 18th. Jeanne Marie Reed will do an 8×10 pastel of the raffle winner’s pet. This is a very cool thing, and we cannot wait. Tickets are available now at $10 for one and three for $25. Tickets are selling fast. We will be selling them throughout our local area. They will also be available during the bake sale. When you purchase tickets through PayPal, please use the Family and Friends option where you pay the fees, and we get 100% of the ticket donation. DO NOT SAY RAFFLE! SAY PET PORTRAIT. Tell us how many tickets you want, and please ensure you provide a good name and contact info so we can reach you if you win. You can also mail a check or money order to: Yogie and Friends, 128 Fob Lane, Frierson, LA 71027 and again, provide your contact info should you be the winner so we can contact you.

FOOD AND LITTER: We could really use some help with cat food and litter. Since things have been shut down for so long, we had no opportunity to do our normal fundraising. We hope you can help us in this area. What we use for our cats is Purina Naturals, Friskies Canned Pate, and Fancy Feast Pate. Regarding litter, any scoopable is good. Tidy Cat is usually the best because it is not as dusty. If you can help, you can PayPal a donation to or Venmo: @yogiecats. Thank you!


Mama kitty was diagnosed with pneumonia. This is a bad thing for cats, but we feel she will recover after her antibiotic regimen. She is an older cat, about 12+ years, so it does make it harder on her. This kicked our vet bill to over $1200.

Dunkin’s surgery was over $800.

TNR of the seven feral cats at Robinson’s Rescue, Dunkin was neutered by the vet who did his leg amputation, Is $271, and that included rabies vaccinations. We are fortunate to have a low cost spay/neuter clinic here.

If you would like to help defray the current medical costs, you can phone in a donation directly to the vet clinic for Dunkin and Mama at 318-747-5747.

If you want to help with the TNR bill you can call Robinson’s Rescue at 318-221-0017 ext. #. You may have to leave a message, but they will return your call.

Or PayPal at

or Venmo @yogiecats. We appreciate any help you can provide.

SPONSORSHIP:  We often speak of our sponsorship program and right now we are really trying hard to get all our cats sponsored. Sponsorship is a wonderful way to help support our cats. By sponsoring one of our Yogie cats you will be providing food, limited medical care (we know that medical bills can get extremely high and do not expect a sponsor to cover it. Unless they can, and want to), and their basic care and support. 100% of the sponsorship goes to the care of these animals. If each cat had a regular, monthly, sponsor, it would help ease the burden of care for the animals we provide sanctuary for.

We do not do any giveaways such as shirts, merchandise, etc., as part of the sponsorship. Many fans agree that it is an unnecessary expense that takes away from the donation you are sending. We do, on occasion, get fans who will donate things such as magnets with our name on it that we will send our fans. We want to make the best use of your donation for our cats. We appreciate our fans so much and know you are who make this all possible.

We have been slowly getting sponsors for our cats. One way you can do this is a monthly donation via PayPal at, but we ask that you choose the Friends and Family option so that you pay the processing fees and Yogie receives the entire donation. You can make this a recurrent automatic transaction, so you do not have to go in every month to donate. Or you can also donate via Venmo @YogieCats.

Please note that more than one person may sponsor a cat but rest assured that all sponsor funds are used for the ongoing care of our cats.

You can sponsor a cat for just $15 a month, $45 a quarter, or $180 a year. You can always contribute more. It all helps a great deal.

If you choose to sponsor a cat via PayPal or Venmo, please let us know the name of the cat you would like to sponsor. We are currently working on the cat biographies, we will feature out cats in a section called, Cat Corner, to tell you what we know about each cat. We do not always have much information about those in our care, but hopefully we can give you some useful information about them. We have names on the list for you to choose a cat to sponsor.

Since we do not do adoptions, and our cats live their lives at the sanctuary, sponsorship is a fantastic way to help.


FIV Positive Cats:

Alex – is being sponsored by Patsy, a fan in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Sunny – is being sponsored by Richard, a fan in St. Louis, Missouri.


Bubba – Is being sponsored by Louise, a fan in Australia.

Dotsey – Is being sponsored by Beverly, a fan in Shreveport, Louisiana.



Brexit – Is being sponsored by Richard, a fan in St. Louis, Missouri


Grayson – Is being sponsored by Phil and Ann, fans in Haughton, Louisiana.



Non-Positive Cats:




Claire – is being sponsored by Bonnie, a fan in N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts.


Duncan – Is being sponsored by Vanessa, a fan in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Grace – is being sponsored by Dorothy, a fan in Blytheville, Arkansas.











Miss Kitty



Quinn – Is being sponsored by Denyce, a fan in Houston, Texas.

Theo (Tayo) – Is being sponsored by Denyce, a fan in Houston, Texas.

Ms. Gray






















Lucia (Deaf, survivor of a broken jaw) – is being sponsored by Dorothy, a fan in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Uncle Fester

Yeti – Is being sponsored by Diane, a fan in Richardson, Texas.





Maggie Mae



CRITICAL NEED: Right now, we are in urgent need of food and cat litter and have found the easiest way to get these items is through CHEWY We have set up our Chewy wish list and here is the link to order items off the wish list for our cats. They ship the items directly to the sanctuary in Frierson and they are fast. Items have arrived as fast as two days for items they have in stock. It is a great program to help the cats.



Christmas Bake Sale


6596 Youree Drive

Shreveport, LA

18 December 2021

10am – 2pm


VXV Events Comic Con

Yogie Booth

Bossier Civic Center

620 Benton Road, Bossier City, LA

18 – 20 February 2022

Times to be announced




AMAZON WISH LIST: We have updated our Amazon wish list; with our most needed food items and cat litter. Also, when you shop via you can select Yogie and Friends as your charity of choice and they will donate a percentage of the sales to us. It is an extremely effortless way to help.


PAYPAL: Did you know you can do automatic monthly donations to Yogie and Friends via PayPal? This is an easy and effective way to help our fundraising for the animals. You can also choose to pay the fees by selecting the Friends and Family option in PayPal ensuring we would receive the entire amount of your donation. Our PayPal is:


FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Your donations are the most important thing to help us with our animals. We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit, in good standing. Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We can really use help with funds to buy food, veterinarian care, and everyday care of the wellbeing of the animals. Thank you for your support.

We are spending about $2500 a month on food and litter.

Our intake is closed until further notice.





PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Adopt! Do not Shop!

Thank You! The Yogie and Friends Gang!

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