November 2012 Sanctuary Newsletter


We had an amazing season finale on October 27th. One of our best yet. We thank all our volunteers and our fans for making it a great day. We are now closed for the 2012 season and we reopen the first Saturday in April 2013, weather permitting.

We had two very sad losses in October. On October 19th we lost half of the dynamic duo. Robin, one of our lions crossed over the rainbow bridge. It was a really sad time for us all here at the sanctuary. Robin arrived at Yogie and Friends on May 7th, 2003 with his littermate brother, Batman. They were just 14 months old. Batman and Robin were dragged around a Texas roadside zoo in a small metal cage. They had both been declawed and Robin suffered a great deal from this mutilation. He endured several reparative surgeries to make him more comfortable, but he was never completely were he should have been. Over the past year Robin had some medical issues we had treated but his health declined in spite of all our efforts. We are glad we gave him as good a life as possible in captivity. We wish we could have given him what nature intended, but he could never have survived the wild. We will miss him dearly.

To add insult to injury with our grieving for Robin the lion, Tim’s house cat, Boris, a beautifully sweet Russian Blue died the next day on October 20th from liver failure. This was so shocking and unexpected and we are just heartbroken. Boris was also a rescue and he was just 8 years old. He was the most loving and gentle cat. He also will be sorely missed.

Hurricane Sandy: Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our fans that are in the areas impacted by hurricane Sandy. I myself have family in Massachusetts, New York, and throughout the New England states. I know this is a difficult time for everyone in the region. We hope for a quick recovery from all of this.

Autographed John Grisham Book Raffle: We are raffling off three, hardcover, first edition, autographed, John Grisham books. The three books are his Theodore Boone Trilogy which includes: The Accused, Kid Lawyer, and The Abduction. Tickets are just $5 each and are available now. You can mail a check or money order for each ticket to: Yogie and Friends Grisham Raffle, 128 Fob Lane, Frierson, LA 71027.  Please include your name, address, and telephone number for your tickets. We will mail the tickets to you. The drawing will be held at the Holiday Bake Sale on December 22nd at 4pm at the Petco on Youree Drive, Shreveport. Winner need not be present, but you need to pick the books up at Petco. We will make arrangements to ship the books to winners out of the area. This is a great way to help the cats.

Facebook: If you are currently a Yogie Facebook fan you may have noticed that you don’t always see our updates in your newsfeed. Facebook has made a change to all pages such as ours where our fans MUST now ADD TO INTERESTS LIST us in order to see our updates. Sadly they have only allowed 10% of all of a page posts to be seen unless we pay to promote each post we make. Well, we are an honest non-profit that struggles to make sure every penny donated is used in a proper way that is all for our animals. We think they shouldn’t make us pay, but we have no say in this. BUT, you can help by going to our page, mouse over the LIKE, and there is a dropdown menu you will see. One of the menu items is ADD TO INTERESTS LIST. Add us and then create a list. We made ours ANIMAL RESCUES and all our posts show up now. Please do this to help us continue to get the word out about these great animals. It’s a good way for us to share our events too. Tell all your friends about us too and ask them to like on us.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): The 2012/2013 CFC campaign has now begun. Military personnel and Federal Employees can do payroll deduction donations to Yogie and Friends via CFC. This program is easy and another good way to give financial assistance to the big cats. We hope you will please consider Yogie and Friends when making your CFC contribution. Our CFC number is 42427.

Finances:  The months we are closed always present a financial challenge to us, but with the help of our fans we can make it through. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to Yogie and Friends. We appreciate it.

Recycle: We have a really good program of recycling and this is an easy way to help both the environment and the big cats when you recycle your cartridges. Check out the link on our website how to participate in our recycling program.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program: If you are a Kroger shopper in Texas or Louisiana, then we hope you will take the letter on our website with you the next time you shop and have the cashier scan the bar code and pair it with your Kroger Plus Card. Once you do this, then every time you shop you will be contributing to Yogie and Friends.


Upcoming Events:   

8 December       10am-5pm      Benton Christmas on the Square Festival Gift Booth

15 December     10am-10pm   Gift Wrapping Barnes & Noble Youree Drive, Shreveport

17 December     10am-2pm     Gift Wrapping Barnes & Noble Youree Drive, Shreveport

21 December     5pm-10pm     Gift Wrapping Barnes & Noble Youree Drive, Shreveport

22 December     11am-4pm    Holiday Bake Sale and Fundraiser 

                                                     Petco, Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA


PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Adopt! Don’t Shop! Also, please continue heartworm prevention all year round and not just in the summer months. Heartworm disease can be transmitted all year.

For the cats!


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