Domestic Animal Project (DAP)

One of our domestic cat rescues

Meet Gatsby! One of our domestic cat rescues

Yogie and Friends Domestic Animal Project (DAP) is the “And Friends” part of our organization and it is a project we started at Yogie and Friends in July 2005. We began in earnest dealing with the problem of stray dogs around the facility. Since Yogie and Friends is located in a rural setting there were several dogs abandoned and just left to roam. They were not being cared for and in poor condition.

In July 2005 one of the female strays had seven puppies under our admissions building. We trapped all seven puppies after they were weaned and big enough to do so. We then took all seven puppies, socialized them with children and other friends, immunized and dewormed them, and then successfully found homes for each one. The mother dog was then allowed time for her milk to dry, was caught, found to be non-aggressive, spayed, immunized, and released back on the grounds since she has adopted Yogie and Friends as a permanent home. Although still very shy, she was a good watch dog for the property and had proven to be a safe and loving animal. She has since passed on, but was the catalyst for this program at Yogie and Friends.

Olaf is a cuddler

Olaf is a cuddler!

In November 2005 another stray female had four puppies under the admissions building. The same was done for this dog. All puppies were successfully adopted as well.

We have been holding pet adoptions with two individuals fostering 20 animals each. One is in Bossier Parish and the other in Webster Parish. This fostering effort has grown immensely since then. They are under the care of our organization and in clean, safe, and no risk areas. They are not around any highways or at risk of escape where they will be killed by cars. We have strict adoption rules and requirements.

Because of the risk of canine distemper to the big cats we have started an education program in the Frierson community. We are hopeful that at least we can convince dog and cat owners that it is imperative they immunize their animals. We are also trying to get them to understand the importance of spaying and neutering their pets to prevent more unwanted animals roaming the community. We have even provided assistance for some of these owners. Frierson and Desoto Parish in general have some of the largest feral dog and cat problems in the area.

Yogie and Friends will continue to do whatever is necessary to continue efforts in preventing the overwhelming unwanted pet situation, but want to make sure no adoptable animals are sent to a kill shelter to be destroyed.


Paisley is sweet and affectionate

We are also working with other local organizations to assist pet owners who have fallen upon hard times to keep their beloved pets. One focus is getting pet food donations so they don’t have to give up their pets because they can’t feed them. We are working with several local no-kill rescues on creating a pet food bank.

At this time we are not equipped, setup, or currently designed to keep domestic animals at our facility. We work closely with other organizations and will assist in helping those in need find foster, or better yet, a permanent home. If you need help with a domestic animal we will work with you to help, but cannot take them at Yogie and Friends.

We are working on getting grants to assist with spay and neuter efforts. Donations are always welcome.