Tigger   29 July 2001 – 6 July 2020

Hello Friends,
We are sad to report that our beloved black leopard, Tigger, had to be humanely euthanized yesterday. He had lost the use of his rear legs, and after an in depth evaluation from the veterinarian, the most difficult, but kindest decision, was made. Fortunately, Tim was able to go over and be with him during that time. Tigger arrived at Yogie and Friends when he was six weeks old and was bonded with Tim. He went gently with the one Tigger loved most.
Tigger   29 July 2001 – 6 July 2020
black leopardblack leopard

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Don Edson Sherret

We sadly want to share the loss of our original webmaster, Don Edson Sherret, of Shreveport, Louisiana. Don was a huge fan of our mission with both big, and small, cats.

Don always supported our events and all things cats. He even got a new cat named, Sheba, who didn’t really like anyone but Don, Lol!

We will miss Don and know he is probably playing with his dog, Hooter, and playing darts and pool.

R.I.P. Don. We miss you. We will eat some gingerbread and have a glass of wine, in your honor.


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Bake Sale April 23rd @ Petco on Youree Drive

Yogie and Friends Bake Sale April 23rd, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm At Petco, 6596 Youree Drive, Shreveport LA

Yogie and Friends Bake Sale
April 23rd, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
At Petco, 6596 Youree Drive, Shreveport LA

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ROAAR – Help Save Yogie and Friends

ROAAR for the Cats!

Reach Out And Advocate Rest for the Cats! Yogie and Friends needs your help to remain open.


Read more and Donate Here: 

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Robin 2002 – 2012

 Robin 2002 – 2012

We are sad and heartbroken to report that Robin, our lion, passed away at 6:35 this evening.

Robin had a very poor start in life. He arrived at 14 months old with his littermate, Batman, in May 2003. He had been horribly declawed and had other medical issues.

As hard as this is for us we take some comfort in knowing we gave him as good a life he could have in captivity. We are all pretty sad right now.

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12th Anniversary

Hey All,
Just wanted to remind you that this Saturday is Yogie and Friends 12th Anniversary! Wow! Can you believe it? Time sure does fly. Hope  you will come out and help support these great animals with your visit. We have 5 tigers, 5 lions, three African Servals, a bobcat, a black leopard, and a mountain lion. Tell your friends about us.
Also, June 16th (we always do this as close to flag day as possible) is our Military Appreciation Day. On this day we honor our military, active, reserve, and retired, and their families, with free admission for the military member (with valid military I.D.) and 10% off admission (with valid mlitary dependent I.D) on this day. Please share this info with your friends. It’s a fun day. Kona Hawaiian Shaved Ice (they fundraise every other Saturday for Yogie. They rock!), a Scentsy rep (donating a large portion of her proceeds to Yogie), and the Pet Education Project (PEP) will be there all day to do, well, pet education. 🙂 There will be hot dogs, snacks, soft drinks and bottled water available for sale this day as well. Parking is limited. We are working on that, but recommend car pooling if you can. This is always a fun event for us at Yogie and Friends. Please tell all your friends about this.

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Yogie and Friends is sad to announce that our 28 year old lioness, Snagglepuss, died of natural causes today. Snagglepuss arrived at Yogie and Friends with Leo and another female, Snaggletooth, on July 15th 2002. They lived in a garage in Texas for 17 years. We know that our facility was not what she should have been in, but it was so much better than the conditions we rescued her from. We hope she knows she was loved and cared for as much as any human can for an animal that should have never been captive born. We loved her, as we do all our animals, and will miss her a great deal. The “Leo” Pride is now gone from Yogie and Friends, but not from our hearts.


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Saturday 11/12/11

First Wesleyan Church on Schuler Drive in Bossier City  (click for a map!)
Saturday November 12th 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Our Director on Coffee Break @ BPCC


Yogie and Friends Executive Director, Jenny Senier on Bossier Parish Community College’s show "Coffee Break" 4/20/11


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25 – 29 April Projects and how you can help

Hello All,
Yogie and Friends has a big project coming up the week of April 25th – 29th. The Navy Construction Battalion (Sea Bees) on Barksdale Air Force are coming out to help us prepare the property behind the habitats for the buildings from Cellexion to be easily moved in place. They will clear, grub, and level the area for the buildings to be used as den houses. This is the kind of work they are trained in and we are getting skilled volunteer help. This is amazing and we are thrilled to have them. You have no idea just how much so.
We want to best utilize this week to get as much stuff done to the Yogie property as possible. We realize we are talking about weekdays that people normally work, but often, as with us military, there are opportunities for volunteers to come out and help during the weekdays. Companies love community involvement and usually encourage their workers to get involved. We are hoping that we can get a lot of help this week.
We have a lot of small projects as well that can be done quickly with skilled help. The projects are as follows:
Install window in Admissions/Gift shop building
Fix bathroom wall (there are several cuts in the wall due to electrical repairs)
Repair weather stripping on exterior doors.
Finish trim work in building and especially over side exterior door.
Install heavy duty peel and stick floor in Admissions/Gift building.
Install small awning type roof over both exterior doors to prevent leaks and help with rain coverage.
Repair cedar fence and gate as needed.
Possibly metal fence pole installation and overall fence maintenance or repairs.
Mow and weed eat
Clear brush around property near fences and growth of limbs on fence.
Remove Pampus grass bush near fence (this stuff does cut, so it takes work and care of the person doing it)
Feeding Volunteers
Since we will have several volunteers out there helping. We are often asked by others who cannot do the more physically labor intensive work how they can help. We thought about this and thought "How about helping feed them?" We have so many fans who are amazing cooks. We have a grill, outdoor refrigerator for sodas and we do have Powerade and water for everyone, a covered picnic area, and plenty of shade and places to rest. If this is something you could or want to help with, then please let me know. It’s probably a good idea for us to have a schedule of who could do what days. I had made a list of things I was going to buy myself like hotdogs, hamburgers, etc., but thought maybe I could enlist the help of others regarding this too. There may be businesses who can donate with this.
Bring sunscreen if you feel you need it.
Bug Spray
Closed toe work shoes.
Work gloves
Common sense clothing. (No clothing that could get caught in machinery or jewerly. We have seen people lose fingers to rings being caught in stuff. It is for your safety as well as the animals. We don’t need an earring ending up in a big cats digestive tract).
Our volunteers must be 18 or older (17 for active duty military). Most kids will be in school, so it isn’t an issue anyway. We do ask that you not bring any young children with you during this work detail due to safety issues. Nobody will be able to watch them.
We plan to start work at 9 A.M. (The Navy guys will be there earlier because of equipment work). This will be for the entire week. Please let me know what you can volunteer to do and what days. Some may be able to help everyday, but we realize this isn’t necessarily going to be the case. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated.
This is a great opportunity for Yogie and Friends to get so much important work done. I realize that some of the work detail is supportive work and repairs, but it is all in support of these great animals.
We have a deadline of July to get the buildings from Cellexion on the property, into place, and modified (that will require another major work detail later) as den houses for the cats. If we don’t get the work done we will not be able to renew our license with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF). We don’t know what that means to the future of our 17 resident animals.
Please feel free to crosspost this to people you know who are able to help.
For the cats!
Cell 318-286-1145 

Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary.
128 Fob Lane
Frierson, LA 71027
A 100% volunteer driven organization. 
Celebrating Ten Years of Rescue!
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