Tigger   29 July 2001 – 6 July 2020

Hello Friends,
We are sad to report that our beloved black leopard, Tigger, had to be humanely euthanized yesterday. He had lost the use of his rear legs, and after an in depth evaluation from the veterinarian, the most difficult, but kindest decision, was made. Fortunately, Tim was able to go over and be with him during that time. Tigger arrived at Yogie and Friends when he was six weeks old and was bonded with Tim. He went gently with the one Tigger loved most.
Tigger   29 July 2001 – 6 July 2020
black leopardblack leopard

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baloo african lionAbout Baloo’s Short Life. Baloo was a male African lion who came to us from Arkansas. When we got Baloo he was 3 months old.

african lionHe was very wild and aggressive. It took us 2 months to calm him down and I had to sleep on the floor beside him so he would know I meant him no harm. He slowly calmed down and became one of the most loving cats we had. Baloo on his backBaloo and Yogie. He loved Yogie, and licked her a lot like you see in this photo. Yogi misses Baloo a lot.

After about 5 months Baloo couldn’t stand up to eat. We called our vet and took him there. He called Texas A&M and they said they would treat him. He spent a few days there and had brain surgery. That morning he died in his sleep. I drove there to kiss himafrican lion goodbye.

A&M did a biopsy on him and found  that he was lacking in Vitamin A. That deficiencyn apparently did not let his skull grow but his brain did and pushed against the skull wall causing undue pressure to the brain.

Please help us save these animals from such tragedy. Let’s work together to pass tougher laws restricting  ownership of exotic animals as pets and to stop unnecessary breeding of all exotic animals. Write our State Representatives and Congressman about these problems and refer them to our web site so that they can see the work we are doing for these animals. Thank you!african lion


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cougar Bubba Bubba arrived April 2002, at about age 11, is an (Felis Concolor) American Cougar.

Yogie and Friends was his seventh and final home. Bubba’s home prior to us was actually one of people who loved him, but could not afford to keep him. They chose to take him in order to prevent him from being euthanized, and then contacted another sanctuary before bringing him to us. Bubba had to have root canals and he was overweight from years of improper care and nutrition. He was a beauty and you could hear him purr.

bubba19892008.jpgUpdate 9/24/08
Bubba 1989 – 2008
Sadly we must report that we had to euthanize Bubba, the cougar, this morning. It is a very hard day for us all at Yogie and Friends. Our hearts are breaking.

bubba 2007

bubba American Cougar

bubba American Cougar

bubba American Cougar

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Leo african lion Leo arrived 15 Jul 2002, at age 18. He was an (Pantheras Leo) African Lion that came to us from Texas.

He died of natural causes on 10 Mar 2006 with Tim by his side.  Leo and two lionesses, Snaggle Puss and Snaggle Tooth all lived in a garage for 17 years. Yes, 17 years!

african lion


Below: Leo with two female african lions

african lion

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Pooh Bear

siberian tiger Pooh Bear, arrived 6 Oct 01, at age 9. He is a (Patheras Tigris Altaica) Siberian tiger and came to us from Texas.



Update on PoohBear 2/15/2008:  KTBS 3 News: Dying Tiger Receives Plenty of TLC
Note from the Webmaster on 3/15/2008 – I learned at the bake sale today that Pooh Bear snores.  Did you know that Tigers snore?!? (I didn’t!)
Update on Pooh Bear 3/27/08:  We have sad news to report. Our beloved Siberian tiger, Pooh Bear, died on March 27th. Pooh had a urinary tract infection that did not respond to antibiotics. His advanced age was determined to be a factor. We are all very sad and will miss him dearly. We want to thank everyone who has sent their condolences and know they are appreciated.


siberian tiger


Hungry Pooh Bear
siberian tiger

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Slowpoke bobcatThis is Slowpoke, a bobcat kitten found by some folks up in Mooringsport.  He was brought to us with a broken hip and crushed pelvis.

He was brought to us with a broken hip and crushed pelvis.Yogie thanks our friends in Mooringsport. Slowpoke was unable to walk very well because of his crushed pelvis and broken hip, but he still got around pretty good. Slowpoke died on September 12, 2002.

bobcat bobcat bobcat

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Snaggle Tooth

Snaggletooth african lion Snaggle Tooth and two other African lions (Pantheras Leo), Snaggle Pus and Leo came to us from Texas on in July of 2002.  They all lived in a garage for 17 years. Yes, 17 years!

african lionSadly we had to euthanize Snaggle Tooth in June of 2003. Years of neglect and poor nutrition weakened her spine and she lost the use of her rear legs. Tim and I spent a few moments to say our good byes to her. I was scratching her head and figured she was probably sick of my attention. I moved away to let her rest. She then crawled over to me and rubbed her head against me for more. That was my undoing. Lions are very social creatures.








african lion


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siberian tigersNatasha arrived with Morticia and Gomez in October 2000, at age 5 months. They are litter mates and are (Pantheras Tigris Altaica) Siberian tigers.

They arrived from Texas as a result of being exploited as traveling photo cats.   As a result of this exploitation, Morticia has an extreme fear of camera tripods and that is one of the reasons why we don’t allow tripods or umbrellas on the premises. She also tends to be shyer with visitors and stays in her house more. Natasha is also shy, but does show herself some. Gomez is the most outgoing of the three and loves the swimming pool a lot.


We are sad to report that one of our beloved Siberian tigers, Natasha, passed away around 5:30 this evening. All the volunteer staff at Yogie and Friends are heartbroken. We will miss our beautiful girl.


Natasha’s necropsy showed she had lymphoma. Something we were told is quite common in young dogs and cats. There were absolutely no signs, symptoms, or otherwise any indication she was sick. She was well-nourished, bright, playful, and as happy as any captive animal could be. She knew she was loved. Death came quickly. Fifteen minutes or less. But we are still so broken hearted.

Thanks for all the warm wishes.






Gomez, Morticia, and Natasha
siberian tigers






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Snagglepuss African Lioness Snagglepuss arrived 15 July, 2002.  She is an African Lion (Pantheras Leo)

Snagglepuss was rescued from a home in Texas, where she and two other African Lions had been living in a garage for 17 years.  As you can see, she is comfortable and happy at our sanctuary, where she is provided with plenty of nutrition and fresh air.

Snagglepuss African Lioness Sleeping

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