Other Adoptable Cats

These lovely and adoptable cats are all healthy, and not FIV positive.  They are housed separately and have no contact with any FIV positive cats.  Won’t you please consider giving one of these awesome animals a forever home?






Penelope is approximately 2 and a half year old, spayed, gray and white kitty. She was also at Caddo Parish Animal Control and tested very light positive for feline leukemia. Since there was a question regarding the status we had her retested this week (June 3rd 2016) and are happy to report that she is NOT feline leukemia positive and she will be placed with our NON FIV/FeLV positive cats and we hope to make her available for adoption through our friends at Shreveport Bossier Animal Rescue (SBAR) when space becomes available. In the meantime we will make her available for adoption to the right home.

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Hope is very playful

Hope, a long haired tortoiseshell beauty, was given this name because she offers us hope of our new direction at Yogie and Friends.Hope was a kitten we received from Nina’s Road to Rescue because she tested positive for FIV. Since we knew that young kittens can test false positive for viruses we waited till she was about 5 months old and retested her.

We are happy to report that Hope has tested NEGATIVE for ALL viruses. She is now living with the non-FIV cats and is adoptable. Yay Hope!  

She is playful and fun.

Sponsor Hope
Hope 08_n

Little ball of Hope!



Elsa (Yes, she and her siblings are named for the movie, Frozen) is a beautiful long haired silver cat who came to after a friend and supporter made us aware of an immediate need for three sibling kittens (the other being Kristoff and Anna) in foster care that had to be immediately rehomed. Elsa tends to be a shy cat, but with time opens up to the humans who love her.

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Sarah1Sarah is a beautiful long haired black cat, and well, they thought a female. Sarah is actually a male. He came to us because he tested FIV positive and the owner also had a housing issue and could not keep Sarah. Sarah does not have any issues as a result of his being FIV positive. He loves cat treats and sleeping in your lap.

Sponsor Sarah


Sponsor Caspar



Blackie is another feral kitten who was the only survivor of a colony killed by coyotes. He is not very social with us, but doesn’t run from us like he did in the beginning.

Sponsor Blackie



Sponsor Powdah




Duncan was a little orange feral kitten that one of our volunteers caught and brought to us because she didn’t want to put him back on the streets since he was ill and at risk from high traffic. He was alone and she couldn’t find the colony he belonged to. He is a very healthy, but not very social kitten. That is one thing our volunteers work toward. In time we hope he feels more comfortable living with us and maybe even find an adoptive home, but if that doesn’t happen he will be safe and have a home with us.


Sponsor Duncan



Sponsor Pia



Anna is a solid black, sweet and shy, kitten and is Elsa’s sister. Yes, kittens in the same litter can all look very different.


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Barney is approximately six to eight week old orange and white male kitten that was found under someone’s house. He has had his first set of vaccinations, dewormed, and is FIV/FeLV negative. He is not yet neutered, but will be when he is old enough. He will be made available for adoption when space is made available at SBAR.