January 2015 Update

 Happy New Year!

Yes, 2015 is now here. We hope and pray that all our fans and supporters had a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Many of you by now have seen the recent accusations about Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary. Some of you have received emails from certain animal rights groups or even a tweet about us. Let us clear up some issues here for you. For one thing we have never had any plans to move our cats anywhere. We have worked harder than ever to meet the ever increasing demands by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, as well as the USDA APHIS. It appears no matter what we have done for improvements it was never enough. You may have seen photos. What you never saw was the complete picture of our animals and the facility. You were only shown progressive bits and pieces. Photos and stories can be made to look any way a person wants them to if they have a particular goal in mind. Due to the fact that we have pending litigation I cannot address in this venue what I truly want to. I really want to address each accusation for you here, but that is best handled in a court of law. Know this. We have the truth on our side and if you choose to remain standing with us in this fight, then we thank you very much. If you decide to believe the accusations and want to turn away from on us we understand. It’s really hard to fight groups that have a lot of money on their side. Many of you have been to Yogie and Friends in person and even most recently our open house on November 29th, 2014 to show you just how much we have done and how good our animals look. In fact, contact Ninna Lopez, from Ninna’s Road to Rescue, who loved the sanctuary and spent the day with us. Or Animal Welfare, Inc. about just how nice our place is. We had a wonderful open house and people loved us and saw how well our animals looked and lived. As a result of these recent accusations we have received threats to both us and our animals. We have found bullet holes in our new privacy fence and several shell casings on the property. We were receiving threats from “fans” on our Facebook page hoping our animals would kill us and that the USDA would take our animals from us. As a result we decided to unpublish our page and get the authorities involved. We don’t have time to fight an on-line battle with people who are hating on us and especially those who have never once been to the sanctuary, let alone even stepped foot in the United States. As a result of these attacks and threats we had to do the unthinkable. We have, under the complete supervision of our veterinarian and her entire staff, moved our big cats out of state. We are now boarding, and yes still caring and supporting our animals, at a friend’s facility out of Louisiana. He has a space on his 16 acres that he allows for boarding. We now spend more time there visiting the animals. They are safe. Again, this is NOT what we wanted for them, but they are safe. Our volunteers are also safe now. We hope you all understand why we moved them. It was only after people threatened them and us and we found evidence of gunshots. How sad this is for us all.

Yogie and Friends knew that one day our big cats would be gone. But, it would have been through natural attrition and death by old age. We had decided years ago not to take in anymore animals because adding to the habitats they had would just lessen the space for those already in place. We have been doing Trap-Spay/Neuter-Return (TNR) of feral cat colonies in the area. We have been doing this for the past 6 years, but have not been doing so as publicly as we have our big cat program. We have been very successful with TNR and help as many as possible. Our goal has always been when the big cats cross the rainbow bridge that we would modify their habitats to provide sanctuary to domestic/feral cats that may be unadoptable or even provide shelter for those who are adoptable until they could find a forever home. We still plan to do so and are in the position to do so. It has always been a part of our mission under the Domestic Animal Project (DAP). There are not enough cat rescues and we wanted to be one to help in that arena.

We despise the fact that a few have chosen to damage our good name and reputation and forced us to move our big cats safely away from here.

Please do not hate us for doing the right thing to protect our big cats. We are very sad they are not with us. They are safe. They are not where the animal rights group wants, but they are our animals, not theirs. We see our cats often and they respond to us and are happy and healthy. It’s us who are not happy.

Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary is still here. We will drop the “Exotic” from our name, as has been our intention when the big cats lived out their lives with us.

We ask that you who know the truth about how good we are remember that truth. Please don’t believe those who have never seen. You’ve known us for 14 years. Please keep us in your prayers. We truly need and appreciate them. Thanks for being there for us.

Jenny, and the Yogie and Friends Gang!


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