March 2013 Sanctuary Newsletter


Well, we are wondering where February went. Sure it is the shortest month of the year, but it sure feels like it just flew by. With March comes a lot of work for us at the sanctuary to get prepared for our visitor season on April 6th. Weather permitting of course.

All of the Yogie cats are doing well. Moses, the lion, just celebrated his 7th birthday on February 27th. He has turned into a magnificent animal. He looks like he may be a Barbary lion with his extra-long mane. We do have an aging population of animals and with that usually comes special health issues and needs. So far we have been fortunate not to have any major issues with our animals. Boudreaux, the mountain lion, does have a little arthritis that he is on medication for, but all in all the animals are doing really well.

Dancer the Kitten: If you remember there was an injured 10 week old kitten at Bossier City Animal Control that was going to be euthanized, but we rescued her. She lives at Yogie and Friends with Tim and she is doing very well. Her leg has healed nicely and she runs and plays with the other cats. She has received her vaccinations and is just waiting until she is old enough to be spayed. She has a few months to wait. Still, we are glad she is part of the Yogie domestic pets and has a huge place in all of our hearts.

Admissions/Gift Shop Building: For years we have been trying to get some volunteer help to make some repairs to our building. The floor was terrible. It was improperly installed and looked terrible. Even when we swept and mopped it, it still looked dirty and took away from how the entire building looked. Well, we finally decided to fix that problem. No money was taken from Yogie. I decided to purchase the materials myself. I can claim it on my taxes and Lowes had the flooring on sale at an amazing price. One of the exit doors was not properly framed and the bathroom had water damage from a leak. Well, that is all fixed now. It looks professional and is really welcoming. All that is left is the caulking and painting and a few minor touch ups. This will all be done before April 6th and we are excited for our visitors to see this.

Coffee Fundraiser: Raise Money for Pets coffee fundraiser. This is a really neat program. If you purchase coffee via this website, they will donate $3 per bag to Yogie and Friends. This is a fair trade organic coffee and that makes it a win/win in our books. They have several varieties available and also decaf. Why not consider coffee in your gift giving?

Recycle Ink Cartridges and Cell Phones: We have a really successful recycling program. You can donate your empty ink jet and laser cartridges and Yogie gets some much needed funds from this. It may seem small, but it all adds up. There are a couple of ways to get cartridges to us and you can find out more on our website on exactly how to participate.  This helps the environment and the big cats when you recycle your printer cartridges.

Donate your old Apple Products: We are trying out a new program where you can donate your old, non-working, or broken screened, Apple Products such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, and things like that. If you would like to help and donate to Yogie and Friends, you can mail us the items. If you have the original packaging they came in send that too. We get more money for the recycled product.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): Military personnel and Federal Employees can do payroll deduction donations to Yogie and Friends via CFC. This program is easy and another good way to give financial assistance to the big cats. We hope you will please consider Yogie and Friends when making your CFC contribution. Our CFC number is 42427.

Facebook: Please LIKE us on Facebook. When you do you need to ADD TO INTERESTS LIST us in order to see our updates. When you do LIKE on us mouse over the LIKE, and there is a dropdown menu you will see. One of the menu items is ADD TO INTERESTS LIST. Add us and then create a list. We made ours ANIMAL RESCUES and all our posts show up now. Please do this to help us continue to get the word out about these great animals. It’s a good way for us to share our events too. Tell all your friends about us too and ask them to like on us.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program: If you are a Kroger shopper in Texas or Louisiana, then we hope you will take the letter on our website with you the next time you shop and have the cashier scan the bar code and pair it with your Kroger Plus Card. Once you do this, then every time you shop you will be contributing to Yogie and Friends.


Upcoming Events:


23 March 2013    11am-4pm          Spring Bake Sale and Fundraiser

                                                        Petco, Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA


6 April 2013          Noon-5pm          Yogie Season Opening (Weather Permitting)


15 June 2013      Noon-5pm             Military Appreciation Day


 TBD (Sep)          11am-4pm             Fall Bake Sale and Fundraiser

                                                          Petco, Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA


26 Oct 2013      Noon-5pm              Yogie Season Finale                                                           


PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Adopt! Don’t Shop! Also, please continue heartworm prevention all year round and not just in the summer months. Heartworm disease can be transmitted all year.

For the cats!


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