February 2013 Sanctuary Newsletter

Greetings Fans!

We can’t believe it’s already February. Where has the month gone? This means we will be getting the property ready for the new season opening scheduled for April 6th. Weather permitting of course.

The weather was a little cooler and wetter this year so we are hoping it will help us with getting some grass to grow and maybe less bugs. But, this is Louisiana and you just never know what can happen. We are just hoping it isn’t a brutally hot summer. Since the tigers have been jumping in their pools filled with rain water Tim decided we might as well bring the pools back up. So now all the pools are up and running and the tigers are jumping around and playing in them again. They know best what they want so we just followed their lead.

Domestic Animal Project (DAP): Yogie and Friends has a division that works with domestic animals. We do not take any of these animals on the Yogie property since we don’t have the facility to maintain them. Yet! Someday we will, but as of this time we work with fosters. We have 35 domestic cats and kittens throughout our foster network. Some are adoptable and some are not. We are also working the Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return (TNR) program without several neighborhoods between Bossier City and Frierson. We want to help reduce the feral cat population. There are so many people that hate cats, so we put our focus on helping them while at the same time helping with dogs. We have a great network of rescuers that we work with. We are working on our adoption program for these animals and hope to get the info out there very soon. Donations for DAP are needed since we do not take from the big cat rescue funds.

Dancer the Kitten: There was an injured kitten at Bossier City Animal Control that was going to be euthanized, but some people took on the task of sponsoring her to be pulled by a rescue. It could only be a rescue. Tim decided we should do it and give this cutie a chance at life. She was only about 10 weeks old when I went and took her to Yogie. It looks like she may have been caught in a fence and injured her left rear leg, ear, and had a streak of fur on her side missing. She also had a slight upper respiratory infection and that is a problem at an animal pound. Because of her leg we named her Dancer. She is doing very well. Her ear is healed, her infection is gone, fur growing back, and she is using her leg more. Fortunately there was no major damage to her leg. She is a sweetie and coming along nicely. We thank those who sponsored her to help with vet bills.

Special Thanks: We want to give a special thanks to 1-800-petmeds for a donation they recently sent us. We received some flea and tick medications to help us with our domestic animals.

Fundraisers: We have had several fundraisers throughout the year. Our ever so popular bake sales continue to be a success. We’ve tried a few new events that were not so successful, but tried and don’t regret giving them a shot. We have added a new fundraiser we hope you will try.

Coffee Fundraiser: Raise Money for Pets coffee fundraiser. This is a really neat program. If you purchase coffee via this website, they will donate $3 per bag to Yogie and Friends. This is a fair trade organic coffee and that makes it a win/win in our books. They have several varieties available and also decaf. Why not consider coffee in your gift giving? http://www.raisemoneyforpets.com/yoandfrexcat.html

Facebook: Please LIKE us on Facebook. When you do you need to ADD TO INTERESTS LIST us in order to see our updates. When you do LIKE on us mouse over the LIKE, and there is a dropdown menu you will see. One of the menu items is ADD TO INTERESTS LIST. Add us and then create a list. We made ours ANIMAL RESCUES and all our posts show up now. Please do this to help us continue to get the word out about these great animals. It’s a good way for us to share our events too. Tell all your friends about us too and ask them to like on us.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): Military personnel and Federal Employees can do payroll deduction donations to Yogie and Friends via CFC. This program is easy and another good way to give financial assistance to the big cats. We hope you will please consider Yogie and Friends when making your CFC contribution. Our CFC number is 42427.

Recycle: We have a really successful recycling program thanks to our webmaster, Paige Bass. Paige works really hard at making this program work and is awesome at getting the word out.  This helps the environment and the big cats when you recycle your printer cartridges. Check out the link on our website how to participate in our recycling program.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program: If you are a Kroger shopper in Texas or Louisiana, then we hope you will take the letter on our website with you the next time you shop and have the cashier scan the bar code and pair it with your Kroger Plus Card. Once you do this, then every time you shop you will be contributing to Yogie and Friends.

Upcoming Events:


23 March 2013    11am-4pm          Spring Bake Sale and Fundraiser

                                                            Petco, Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA


6 April 2013          Noon-5pm          Yogie Season Opening (Weather Permitting)


15 June 2013      Noon-5pm             Military Appreciation Day


TBD (Sep)          11am-4pm             Fall Bake Sale and Fundraiser

                                                            Petco, Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA


26 Oct 2013      Noon-5pm              Yogie Season Finale                                                           


PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Adopt! Don’t Shop! Also, please continue heartworm prevention all year round and not just in the summer months. Heartworm disease can be transmitted all year.

For the cats!



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