August 2012 Sanctuary Newsletter


We have been experiencing very hot temperatures, actually since May and June. July was very, very hot and we know August won’t be much better. We appreciate our fans who braved the heat to visit our animals. We had a very good visitor month. Thanks so much.

Heat and your pets: After the sad loss of the Louisiana Tech mascot, TechXX, we hope people will truly watch out for their outdoor, and indoor, pets. Don’t leave them out in the heat too long. Be careful about any exertion as well. I happen to have two rescued Labradors and they want to play non-stop. So much so they would probably play till they died from heat stroke. I am very careful NOT to let them play much and then I bring them into the cool house with plenty of cool water. People often forget that animals die from heat related illnesses too. Please use some common sense in this area. This Tech alumnus is going to miss the Tech bulldog.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program: If you are a Kroger shopper in Texas or Louisiana, then we hope you will take the letter on our website with you the next time you shop and have the cashier scan the bar code and pair it with your Kroger Plus Card. Once you do this, then every time you shop you will be contributing to Yogie and Friends. Nothing comes out of your pocket. What Kroger does is donate a portion of your purchase to us. Pretty cool deal. The 2012-2013 accumulation period began on 1 July 2011 and ends 30 April 2012.  It is so easy to do. Again, just give the cashier the letter we have linked on our website. The old letters work since it is the same barcode. The cashier will scan that and your Plus Card and it will be linked. This is an amazingly easy way to help the big cats just by doing your normal shopping

Current Volunteer Needs:

Carpenters: We need work done in our gift shop/admission building with some inside trim work, installing linoleum, drywall repair, entry/exit door roof needed and some minor water damage in the bathroom. Also, we need some wooden fence repair work.

Plumbing: We’ve had a continuous problem with the bathroom plumbing that we cannot seem to resolve, so we could use a plumber to help figure this one out for us.

Financial: We can always use money. This helps us with the normal maintaining of the sanctuary such as water, electric, and vet care. We appreciate any monetary donation you can provide and it is tax-deductible. And, it ALL goes to the care of the cats. We remain a 100% volunteer driven organization.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): Military personnel and Federal Employees can do payroll deduction donations to Yogie and Friends via CFC. This program is another good way to give financial assistance to the big cats and makes it easy for you to do so. Please consider Yogie and Friends when making your CFC contribution. Our CFC number is 42427.

Recycle: Don’t forget to recycle those ink jet/laser jet cartridges. We have a really good program of recycling and this is an easy way to help both the environment and the big cats when you recycle your cartridges. Check out the link on our website how to participate in our recycling program.


Upcoming Events:


September 22nd, 2012       11am-4pm                             Bake Sale and Fundraiser

NEW DATE                                                                            Petco, Youree Drive

                                                                                                Shreveport, LA


October 27th, 2010              Noon – 5pm                           Yogie Season Finale

Facebook: Don’t forget to follow us on Face Book. We have a very active page and update it often with news and events as they happen.  

PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. There are far too many unwanted adoptable animals dying everyday at local animal control facilities and this can be easily remedied in several ways. Don’t shop! Adopt!

Also, if you have outdoor pets, please make sure they have good shelter from the heat and other elements. Provide them shade, a clean and dry bed, cool clean water, and don’t chain your dogs to a tree thinking they are in the shade. The sun changes direction and you may not even realize your dog is chained in the hot sun as a result. They suffer the same deadly effects from the sun that we do. Heat stroke and exhaustion is a real thing and we’ve seen the catastrophic impact on outdoor animals.  Make sure you give your dog heartworm prevention throughout the year. Not just the hot summer months. Cats also get heartworm and it is highly deadly for them. Talk to your veterinarian about all of these things. Take care of your pets and their humans. We need each other.

For the cats!


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