October 2010 Newsletter


October is here and that means our season end is getting close. Our last day for visitors for the 2010 season is October 30th. With all the festivals and wet weather that comes with our typical fall and winter our visitor ship falls more than half and it is not cost effective to remain open during this time. We also do not have paved walkways or parking and that presents a slip and fall danger as well as visitor vehicles getting stuck. We hope you will come out and see these great animals before our season end and remember us during the time we are closed.

Our Founder: Tim is improving daily. He hopes to get back to work in another week or two. He’s ready but his doctor is not. It has been a long and difficult journey for him, but he is doing so much better. Thanks for the continued good wishes and prayers.

Funny Bone Comedy Theater Fundraiser: On October 8th 2010 The Funny Bone Comedy Theater on the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, Louisiana is holding a benefit night for the big cats. Tickets are just $10 each and they are giving $8 of that to Yogie and Friends. There are two show times that evening for your convenience. There is an 8 P.M. and 10:30 P.M. show. Tickets are available now at the sanctuary, Funny Bone, or you can send a check or money order to the sanctuary to include how many tickets you wish to purchase and the mailing address for the tickets. We hope you will come and have some fun with us. Ages 21 and up.

Update on Facility Upgrades:  We had the opportunity to meet Mona Cross and visit Cellexion, of Bossier City, to see the buildings they will be donating for use as den houses. These buildings are great. One will even serve as an on-site vet clinic. The logistics will still be an issue, but we are preparing the transport area on the property for them. Hopefully soon since the current drought conditions have actually made the grounds very hard and good for moving things. Once the winter rains come we will be severely limited on what we can do and we need to get this work done soon for Wildlife and Fisheries. Once they are in place they will need some modifications such as removing all the wiring and lights inside. These buildings weigh in excess of three tons. They are constructed to withstand hurricanes and other inclement weather. We can feel pretty confident that these buildings offer great protection from really tough weather. If you would like to help with financing supporting materials or general help for the animals, you can donate via PayPal’s “Chip-In” widget on the front page of our website, or mail a check to Yogie and Friends, 128 Fob Lane, Frierson, La 71027. Stay tuned to our facebook page and our website for updates on this next project.

The fence work is complete on all pens. We have minor upgrades such as perimeter fence upgrades, but those will be done after we move the den houses in since the rear perimeter fence may need to be lowered in order to move the den houses in. That is if they aren’t lowered in by a crane. We will also need to widen this perimeter due to the size of the houses. That’s an easy fix, but requires strong workers.

Facebook: If you are already on Facebook check out Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary. We have a fan page and there are five of us who update the page often of news and the happenings at the sanctuary. This is a great way to keep in touch with us. Hope you’ll join us there.

Amy MorrisseyBake Sale Success! Our September 11th bake sale was the most successful to date. The money was used to help pay our annual liability insurance which was just shy of $600 and that is amazing. These kinds of events help us defray operational costs and keep enough funds to help us through the winter months. Yes, things do come up and that is expected. This was a wonderful and fun event and we met several new Yogie fans. Thank you all so much for coming out to the bake sale.

Esteban Guitar: Congratulations to Amy Morrissey of Shreveport, Louisiana. Amy is a Louisiana Tech University sophomore and the winner of the Esteban Guitar package.

Volunteers of the month: Thanks to Nick Kaddatz and Scott Adcock for helping complete the raising of the pen fences. You guys rock!

Upcoming Events:

8 Oct 2010  Funny Bone Comedy Theater Benefit Show for Yogie and Friends, 130 Plaza Loop, Louisiana Boardwalk, Bossier City Funny Bone will hold a benefit show for Yogie and Friends with two shows, times to be determined, at the Bossier City Funny Bone Comedy Theater. Tickets are $10 each and Yogie and Friends receives $8 for every ticket sold. Tickets are available at the sanctuary, The Funny Bone, or any of the Yogie and Friends volunteer staff. Ages 21 and up.

12 Oct 2010 Jambalaya Dinner Sponsored by the animal Krewe of Barkous and Meoux, Shavers Catering, 270 Ockley Dr., Shreveport. The Krewe of Barkous and Meoux will hold a jambalaya take out dinner at Shavers Catering. Tickets are $6 or two for $10. Tickets are available at the sanctuary or from Yogie and Friends volunteer staff and Barkous and Meoux volunteers. Dinners can be picked up at Shavers Catering between 4 P.M. and 7 P.M.

16 Oct 2010 Fall Craft Show First Baptist Church 543 Ockley Dr. Shreveport. 9 A.M. – 4 P.M. Yogie and Friends will be participating in the Fall Craft Fair/Car Show/Chili Cook Off at First Baptist Church in Shreveport. Yogie and Friends will have Cardew Collectible ceramics and other really nice gift items for sale.

27 Nov 2010 8 A.M. – 10 A.M. All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast, Applebees Grill and Bar, Bert Kouns, Industrial Loop, Shreveport. Tickets are $5 each. What a great place to stop, rest, and eat a warm breakfast after your after Thanksgiving holiday shopping?

11 Dec 2010 9 A.M. – 4 P.M. Benton Christmas on the Square, Benton, Louisiana. Yogie and Friends will have a craft/gift booth at the Benton Christmas on the Square festival. There will be many great holiday gift items available to make your holiday shopping easier and help the big cats at the same time.

Yogie and Friends Season ends 30 October 2010 and will reopen in the spring in April 2011 for visitors.

Facebook: If you’re on Facebook, we hope that you are already a fan of Yogie and Friends! If you aren’t, please join us, and ask you friends!   As of this writing we have 1195 fans, but we want to get as many as possible. It is a great way to stay updated up with what is happening out at the sanctuary, too! Lots of great pics of the cats as well.

Print Cartridge Recycling Program:  This is a great way to help the cats and the environment all at once. Get your office involved!  All you need to do is use our pre-paid labels to ship your used printer cartridges to our recycling program, and we will receive credit towards our fundraising goals. It’s so easy!  We’ll be glad to mail you shipping labels –  Details are listed on our website.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program: The accumulation for the 2010 season begins 1 July 2010. You can download the new Kroger letter and give it to the cashier when you check out. The cashier will link it to your Kroger plus card and every time you shop and use your Plus card, Kroger will donate a portion of the sales to Yogie and Friends. It’s such an easy way for you to help the big cats with no money out of your pocket. Please shop like crazy and use your cards when you do. It can really add up.

To find out more ways to help the cats of Yogie and Friends, see the section of our website “How You Can Help

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets.

Also, do what you can to prevent flea and ticks causing serious illnesses to your animals. They deserve your care and kindness. Prevention should be year round and not seasonal.

Be good to your animals. Be good to people! Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Jenny and the Yogie Cats!

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