August 2009 Newsletter

Hello All!

We hope everyone made it through the recent storms without any damage or flooding. We certainly needed the rain, but it never seems to fail that we will get more than we bargained for. Fortunately Yogie and Friends did not have any damage.

Yogie and Friends was featured on Wonderful Day in the Ark-La-Tex. This is a half hour morning show and we were on the August first broadcast. Stan Stava and his crew did a really nice piece on the sanctuary and we just want to thank them for coming out and doing this. It’s always nice to have the opportunity to showcase the sanctuary on television like that. Boudreaux250.jpg

Facility Upgrades: Yogie and Friends had the opportunity to present a proposal to the Desoto Parish Police Jury. As a result of the Haynesville Shale bonuses the parish received several millions of dollars and we felt this was the time to ask for assistance for the sanctuary. I went to Mansfield on Monday August 4th and presented our case to the jurors. We feel that Yogie and Friends offers a unique educational opportunity and attraction for the area. If we receive the requested funds from the jury it will get us well on our way to making the upgrades that we need to do much sooner than planned.

Thank You! We want to extend a very special thank you to the folks at Dan-Inject North America. This is the company that we get our dart supplies for the animals. They have a unique product and they recently built us a pneumatic dart gun that holds a specialized dart for the animals. But, the best thing is that they donated the gun to us. So, we thank Paul and Carol Koretko for this kind donation. Upcoming Events:

Mongo-African-Serval.jpg Bake Sale and Fundraiser – New Location: Our next bake sale is scheduled for 12 September from 11 A.M. – 4 P.M. at Petco on 6596 Youree Drive in Shreveport.

We want to remind everyone that the 2009 season will end on 31 October 2009. Hope to see you before then.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program: The Neighbor to Neighbor program is back on line. Please download one of the customer letters from our website and have the cashier scan it with your Kroger Plus card the next time you shop. Yogie and Friends will receive one percent of the sales. It is a great way to help the cats. The program is only available in Texas and Louisiana, but that’s still a large area of coverage. Please share this with your fellow Kroger shoppers. Accumulation for linked cards will begin July 1, 09 – April 30, 10.

Feral Cats and Dogs: The problem with feral cats and dogs is ever growing. Last month I mentioned some statistics. We have received several requests for assistance particularly with feral cats. The problem is that they produce much faster than dogs and the city pounds are overloaded with adoptable cats and kittens. One solution is to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). There are some animal groups working this issue. They trap the cats and kittens, get them surgically altered to prevent anymore babies, have an ear clipped for identification they have been spay-neutered, then return them to the area they were trapped. Feral kittens are very difficult to tame. Not impossible, but not easy. There are positive aspects to having local strays in the area. They do help keep the rodent population down, but it isn’t good when you have colonies of 40 – 50 cats and kittens who are trying to survive and find food. So, please do your part. Spay and neuter your pets. You can contact the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux about their feral cat program.

Volunteer Help Needed: We can really use some carpentry help to finish the admissions/gift building. There are just a few minor things to be completed such as installing a window and doing the finish work around the doors. If you can do this then please let us know.

A few ways to help financially:

An easy way you can help the cats is when you do your shopping on-line is by using iGive. If you do your shopping on-line then you can contribute by shopping through the iGive tool. Everything helps. Visit and select Yogie and Friends as your cause when you shop. It’s so easy.

Combined Federal Campaign. It is that time of year again when Federal and Military personnel can donate to Yogie and Friends through payroll deduction under the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) program. If you are interested in contributing this way our CFC number is 42427. Snagglepussˍsleeping.jpg

Coins for Cats! I recently emptied a little piggy bank I throw all my change in when I come home. It wasn’t even full, maybe half so. It added up to $106! That little bit of effort ended up being a nice chunk of change. I gave it to Yogie and Friends. This is a neat way for kids to be able to help the animals with very little effort.

Cans for Cats! Kids can also help by collecting cans and taking them to the local recycling center for cash and this can also add up to a nice piece of change for the cats. It’s something kids can do to help go green and help the big cats all at once.

Check out the programs being offered at Yogie and Friends. There is the Yogie and Friends Membership Program, Sponsorship Program, and Corporate Sponsorship Program. These are programs that help us support the animals and another way that you can get involved. Program packages are available here on our website.

Go Green with our ink jet and cell phone recycling program. Details are listed on our website.

We have several programs for you to help our animals:, , Cause ID 19883,,, just to name a few. They are all listed here on our website.

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets.

Also, do what you can to prevent flea and ticks causing serious illnesses to your animals. They deserve your care and kindness. Pest control is a big issue this time of year. Mosquitoes are carriers of the heartworm disease that we see in so many animals. You can help avoid some of this by making sure you don’t have stagnant water around your property, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Give heartworm preventatives to your animals. Get regular checkups for your pets. Also, please make sure you provide all your animals, inside and outside, fresh, clean water and shelter from the elements. Change their drinking water often and make sure the water hose has been running cool water before you fill their bowls.

Be good to your animals. Be good to people! Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Jenny and the Yogie Cats!


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