April 2009 News

Happy April!

Spring is here, but boy, this is looking like we may have a very hot summer. We have already had some BatmanˍLionˍSanctuary.jpgunseasonably warm days, but then came a cold snap again. This is very confusing weather and with that confusing weather also comes the waiting game to see if we can open for the season as scheduled. As of this typing it looks like the weather may cooperate and we plan to open for the season on April 4th at noon. We certainly hope it doesn’t rain.

New Visitor Hours: We changed our visitor season. Our new visitor hours are Saturdays only from noon till 5 P.M. and as always, weather permitting. Our new season is from the 1st Saturday in April to 1 November, or basically the last Saturday up to November 1st.

Our scheduled season opening is 4 April 2009 (weather permitting). Noon – 5 P.M.

Wildlife and Fisheries has scheduled it’s inspection of Yogie and Friends the week of April 20th. We feel good about the quality of care that we give our animals. But, the new laws that changed without any notice may cause us to close to the public if they don’t like our facility. We hope they don’t do that and we’ll let you know as soon as we go through this inspection. The new AZA requirements will apply to us and we don’t really think that is fair. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Field Trips: Yogie and Friends conducts group tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays and our prices are the least expensive of any attraction in this area. If you or anyone you know are interested in having your school, home school group, day care, or any group of 20 or more visit with us, then please let us know. This is a guided, educational tour and just plain old fun experience. Tiggerˍspots.jpg

We realize that times are going to be financially more difficult for people now. More layoffs are happening and people are not taking vacations like they have in the past. We understand. We are feeling the economic pinch as well and these animals depend on us. If that means tightening our financial belts personally, well we have already done that to ensure the cats are cared for. That won’t change. It may mean turning away animals that need a home, but we won’t sacrifice what we have by taking in more than we can handle. That makes no sense at all. Our admission costs are staying the same low price. We need you to see our beautiful animals so you know what it is you are supporting.

Yogie and Friends 10th Anniversary Calendar is in production. This calendar will be for the 2010 calendar years and will have amazing photos of our beautiful animals as well as species and biography information. If you are interested in helping sponsor this calendar, then please contact us. Our goal is to have the calendars available for sale by October 2009. May 2010 will be Yogie and Friends tenth anniversary. At this time it looks like the calendar may sell for $14 – $15, but we don’t have the final numbers at this time. Hey, 100% of the proceeds go to the animals and it will make a nice gift for next holiday season!

We are trying to have a table at Petco on Youree Drive in Shreveport every Saturday to let people know who we are and what we are all about. Hope to see you there.Gomezˍ250.jpg

I had an opportunity to speak to the kids of the We Care Club at Youree Drive Middle School in Shreveport on February 27th. This group gave a donation to Yogie and Friends as well and we thank you for that and the opportunity to speak and share about these great animals. We hope these kids have a greater appreciation and understanding of the plight of these magnificent animals.

Upcoming Events:

4 April 2009 Noon – 5 P.M. Yogie and Friends Season Opening

2 May 2009 6 – 10 A.M. Belk Charity Day in Shreveport

An easy way you can help the cats is when you do your shopping on-line is by using iGive. If you do your shopping on-line then you can contribute by shopping through the iGive tool. Everything helps. Visit www.iGive.com and select Yogie and Friends as your cause when you shop. It’s so easy.

KrogerNeighborthumb.jpg Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program replaces the Kroger Share Card Program. The new Kroger program is now up and running. The advantage of the new program is now you only need to use the one card, your Kroger Plus Card. The Share card is obsolete. If you download the Kroger letter from our website and bring it with you the next time you shop at Kroger’s all you need to do is give the letter, with the bar code, to the cashier along with your Kroger Plus Card. The cashier will scan the bar code and it will be part of your Kroger Plus Card. One less step. The Program is now in its renewal period. The bar code on the letter will remain the same, but you will need to re-link your cards in June. There will be a void period (May and June 2009) where no accumulation to organizations will occur. Accumulation for linked cards will begin July 1, 09 – April 30, 10.

Combined Federal Campaign. It is that time of year again when Federal and Military personnel can donate to Yogie and Friends through payroll deduction under the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) program. If you are interested in contributing this way our CFC number is 42427.

Coins for Cats! I recently emptied a little piggy bank I throw all my change in when I come home. It wasn’tcoinsforcats.jpg even full, maybe half so. It added up to $106! That little bit of effort ended up being a nice chunk of change. I gave it to Yogie and Friends. This is a neat way for kids to be able to help the animals with very little effort.

Cans for Cats! Kids can also help by collecting cans and taking them to the local recycling center for cash and this can also add up to a nice piece of change for the cats. It’s something kids can do to help go green and help the big cats all at once.

If you are interested in volunteering with us then please contact us. Come visit us at the sanctuary and see what we are all about. This is a 100% volunteer driven organization, which means, nobody gets paid for the work they do. We love the animals and what we are doing for them. There are many different volunteer opportunities such as tour guide, admissions, lawn care, fundraising, etc. A little something for everyone. But, please know this. There is absolutely no contact with the animals. If you want to volunteer with the intent of “touching” one of these animals, then this is not the place for you. If you are doing this for the love and care of the animals, then maybe this is something for you.

Volunteers of the month: We want to thank everyone who helped with the March bake sale. The weather was really cold and gloomy, so we want to say a very special thank you to those who came out and supported our efforts and those who helped with the baking and setup. Thanks to: Nina Hustus, Vicki and Brianna Volk, Jeanne Reed, and Paige Bass.

Check out the programs being offered at Yogie and Friends. There is the Yogie and Friends Membership Program , Sponsorship Program, and Corporate Sponsorship Program . These are programs that help us support the animals and another way that you can get involved. Program packages are available here on our website.

Go Green with our ink jet and cell phone recycling program. Details are listed on our website.

We have several programs for you to help our animals: www.magfundraising.com, www.igive.com, Cause ID 19883, www.networkforgood.org, www.goodsearch.com, just to name a few. They are all listed here on our website.

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Mongo-African-Serval.jpg

Also, do what you can to prevent flea and ticks causing serious illnesses to your animals. They deserve your care and kindness. Don’t stop using preventative just because it is cold outside. Some of these pests are still around in the winter.

Please make sure you provide all your animals, inside and outside, fresh, clean water (and not covered in ice during the winter). Provide good, warm and dry shelter for those animals outside.

Be good to your animals. Be good to people! Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Jenny and the Yogie Cats!

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