October 2008 News


Fall is finally here and hopefully nicer weather. Yes, we are still officially in hurricane season. It doesn’t end till November 30th, but we are hopeful that we won’t have anymore bad storms for this season. I am happy to say that Yogie and Friends made it through both Gustav and Ike.

We have some very sad news to report. Our beloved cougar, Bubba, had to be humanely euthanized on September 24th. Bubba wasbubba 19 years old and his legs finally gave out. Our hearts are breaking. Bubba’s life started out so poorly. He was purchased by someone for $1000, then another for $500, traded for a horse, passed around from household to household, fed dog food, became obese as a result, had to have root canals, and overall was just not treated as a cougar should be. Yogie and Friends was his seventh and final home. His arthritis was being successfully managed for more than a year, but both his front legs finally gave out. We knew that no animal should suffer and the difficult, but correct, decision was made to have our vet check him out to assure that there was nothing more that could be done for him before the decision was made to humanely euthanize him. Bubba was a beautiful and amazing animal. I had never had any interaction with an animal like him before. Don’t misunderstand me. I never handled him. But, I would talk to him through the fence and he was very vocal and would always make his greeting to me when I would visit with him. He loved to purr. He just had an overall amazing personality. We miss him dearly.

Something that people don’t realize is that yes, we know these animals are not our pets and we don’t treat them like we would our domestic house pets. But we love them no less than we do our house pets. The Delilah Bengal Tigerdifference with a sanctuary is that these animals will typically live out their lives at the sanctuary. They are not sent from facility to facility to be used as an attraction or a breeding tool. We give them a forever home. When it isn’t possible for us to rescue an animal because of the possibility of overcrowding and lessening the conditions for the current residents, then we contact other reputable sanctuaries to assist those trying to find placement for those animals. It’s a big network of caring rescuers. Sanctuary staff typically remain with sanctuaries longer than other facilities. Not sure why this is, but because of this consistency the animals in sanctuaries can typically live ten years longer than in other places. This caregiver stability seems to help reduce stress on the animals. So, I don’t know why anyone would not understand why we are so emotionally vested in these animals and so hurt when we lose one. It is a lifetime commitment of love and caring on our part as well. We so wish these animals could live out their lives in the wild, which is were they belong. Except! These animals never lived in the wild. They don’t have the skills and training to live in the wild. They were all captive born animals. So, we try to give them the next best thing. We truly know and love these animals. Sanctuary work and life is not for the fainthearted by any stretch of the imagination.

On a happier note we had another successful bake sale at Courtyard Coffee. We really like having these sales at Courtyard Coffee, but the business is up for sale and we are considering another, larger, and indoor venue for these bake sales. They are getting so popular that we need more space and may even have quarterly versus semi-annual bake sales. We’ll let you know. Thank you to all who have made this another success! Thanks to our contributors and bakers extraordinaire.

This is the month of the Louisiana State Fair. Please note: Yogie and Friends has never been a part of the state fair. Never has been and never will be. Whatever animals you see or have seen in the past were never ours. African ServalsWe have never participated in the photo op situation. We would never do that to our animals. Again, it is not us and never has been us

Well, it is that time of year for immunizing all our animals. Like the cost of many things these days the price of vaccines has risen tremendously. The vaccines alone will cost us about $1300.00. But, this is the price of caring for and doing the right thing for these wonderful animals. If you are interested in helping us defray the costs of the annual vaccinations, then please let us know. Your tax deductible donations are always appreciated.

Volunteers of the month: Thanks to Anne Shinoskie for helping me work the nursing symposium. Her help allowed me the opportunity to meet with people and also get ideas for other fundraising venues. I appreciate it.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program replaces the Kroger Share Card Program. The new Kroger program is now up and running. The advantage of the new program is now you only need to use the one card, your Kroger Plus Card. The Share card is obsolete. If you download the Kroger letter from our website and bring it with you the next time you shop at Kroger’s all you need to do is give the letter, with the bar code, to the cashier along with your Kroger Plus Card. The cashier will scan the bar code and it will be part of your Kroger Plus Card. One less step. The only downside is that it must be renewed annually. But, that is a small price to pay to help the cats. So, if you are a Kroger shopper please help the cats with this program.

Combined Federal Campaign. It is that time of year again when Federal and Military personnel can donate to Yogie and Friends through payroll deduction under the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) program. If you are interested in contributing this way our CFC number is 42427.

Haynesville Shale. Are you benefiting from bonus money from the Haynesville Shale and need a good tax deduction? Why not consider Yogie and Friends. This is a good way to donate.

Upcoming Events:

11 Oct 10 A.M. – 5 P.M. Teacher Appreciation Day

25 Oct 2 – 4 P.M. Paint your Pumpkin Day

15 Nov 10 A.M. – 5 P.M. Military Appreciation Day

29 Nov 8 – 10 A.M. Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s on Bert Kouns in Shreveport

6 Dec TBD Natchitoches Christmas Festival

If you are interested in volunteering with us then please contact us. Come visit us at the sanctuary and see what we are all about. This is a 100% volunteer driven organization, which means, nobody gets paid for the work they do. We love the animals and what we are doing for them. There are many different volunteer opportunities such as tour guide, admissions, lawn care, fundraising, etc. A little something for everyone. But, please know this. There is absolutely no contact with the animals. If you want to volunteer with the intent of “touching” one of these animals, then this is not the place for you. If you are doing this for the love and care of the animals, then maybe this is something for you.

Check out the programs being offered at Yogie and Friends. There is the Yogie and Friends Membership Program , Sponsorship Program, and Corporate Sponsorship Program . These are programs that help us support the animals and another way that you can get involved. Program packages are available here on our website.

Go Green with our ink jet and cell phone recycling program. Details are listed on our website.

We have several programs for you to help our animals: www.magfundraising.com, www.igive.org, www.networkforgood.org, www.goodsearch.com, just to name a few. They are all listed here on our website.

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. I recently found a dog who is pregnant and it is very sad that she was wandering my neighborhood and very hungry. She will be spayed after she weans her babies. Seven out of nine puppies survived and are thriving. We are looking into a grant program that allows the capture, spay/neuter, and release program, but we want to go a step further. All the puppies that were born on September 20th will be micro chipped. I am working with some animal groups to help me pay for this. I don’t want it to come from Yogie money. This way no puppy will be adopted out without a microchip and will always have positive identification. That is a grant we are researching. If you find anything like this, please let us know. Tigger Panther

Also, do what you can to prevent flea and ticks causing serious illnesses to your animals. They deserve your care and kindness.

Please make sure you provide all your animals, inside and outside, fresh, clean, and cool water. Provide good shade shelter for those animals outside. NEVER leave your animals outside in the hot car. Even parked in the shade temperatures rise to well over 100 degrees. With winter coming soon, please plan accordingly with warm, dry, shelter.

Be good to your animals. Be good to people! Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Jenny and the Yogie Cats!

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