Calling all Carpenters! We need your help!

If there are any of you out there who are skilled in carpentry work we can really use your help. We have a 16 X 24 outdoor wooden building. You may have seen these at Home Depot. It is the barn style building. We are so close to completion and this is where you come in.

Here is what we need to finish the building:

  • Install two outdoor doors. 
  • Install two indoor doors. 
  • Frame for the outside doors and finish work for this. 
  • Install lights.
  • Install ceiling fan.

The outside doors will require some creative carpentry work since there will need to be an overhang built with flashing and the shingling the smaller room covering since the door will be larger than how the wall is designed. This may sound confusing in my e-mail, but you’ll understand better when you see.
I bought the doors, 2 x 4s, drywall, and siding for the building. I know there will be some other things needed and I can get that as soon as I get the volunteer carpenters.
Here’s the thing. When this building is complete it (even though it is a small building) will be multipurpose. We have a bathroom and a small office in there. But, this can be used to hold all the birthday parties I get phone calls for. That will be a big source of revenue for Yogie and Friends. The other thing is that the summers are hot. It is harder to get volunteers willing to sit outside in the heat and sell novelties and entrance tickets to Yogie in the hot summer months. I have several retired folks who would volunteer their time for us indoors. We have an A/C unit in the building.
I can also hold meetings and volunteer training in here and also do small fundraisers in the off season. This will also serve as a small gift shop.
Anyway, I think you get the picture.
If you can help, then please e-mail me or call my cell at 318-286-1145. I’d like to get this completed before we open again in April.
For the cats!

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January 2008 Sanctuary News

Happy New Year!

Here we are in 2008. Help make it great in 2008! And when we say Great! We mean these Great Cats! They are special and we hope you can make it even more special for them. After all this is what we are all about at Yogie and Friends. The Cats!

Mongo the African Serval All the Yogie and Friends volunteer staff want to say a very special thanks to those of you who contributed to us financially this past year. There are so many of you and we can’t thank you enough

As you can see from our website we are closed for the winter season. We close at this time because of the typically wet weather. But please continue to visit the website for updates and events.

There were many things accomplished in 2007 and yet still so much more to accomplish in 2008.

All the animal pens were updated with the installation of the horizontal poles 3 feet high off the ground around each pen. That’s over 1000 linear feet of poles. We also purchased newer locks for all the pens. We do this periodically just to ensure they are the best in safety we can have.

Our bake sales continue to get bigger and better and even more successful that we will have another one in March.

We have a new webmaster, Paige Bass, with and she is really doing a great job for us. We thank Don Sherret for his many patient years with doing the website for us. He’s probably relaxing more now. Don will always be part of the Yogie and Friends Family.

Wicked Tickle put on the first Orange and Black Friday to benefit Yogie and Friends with several local bands volunteering their time and talents to raise funds for the cats. Very cool.

We were able to purchase the calf hutches for the animals as new cat houses. We still aren’t sure how we feel about these yet, but they seem to be a nice alternative to the wooden structures we had previously.

Yogie and Boo Boo, our two lionesses, were spayed without any complications. We want to thank Dr. Jane Eggerstedt and Donna Burrell for financing these two surgeries. Since the birth of the lion cubs in March 2007 we knew that the industry standard of vasectomies for lions is not a good birth control method. All are doing well and they are experiencing continued good health.

There is still a lot of work that has to be done to maintain a facility like Yogie and Friends. We have lots of projects planned in 2008. We still need help with the education building and hopefully we will get that completed this year and it will present us with a tool to raise more money for the cats.

Please remember that Yogie and Friends is a 100% volunteer driven organization and this means none of us receive any compensation for the work we do. This is a labor of love and we are rewarded by seeing these cats live in comfort for the rest of their lives. Since none of these cats can ever be released into the wild, they were after all captive born animals, we provide the next best thing to what they should have been born into.Batman African Lion

Please remember to take the necessary steps to reduce stress on your animals. Always have fresh, cool water and a clean, dry shelter available for them. The weather is cooler and you also need to make sure during the colder weather that your outdoor animal’s water doesn’t freeze in their bowls. Remember you are the only voice they have and they depend on you.

Please spay and neuter your pets. There are far too many unwanted pets as there is and the animal shelters are filled to capacity with these animals needing to be adopted. Be kind and take the time to make sure your animals don’t end up as garbage. That is not at all kind.

And remember, Wild Animals Do Not Make Good Pets!

Please don’t ever pay anyone to have your photo taken with an exotic cat or any other wild animal. You are just encouraging them to exploit these animals.

Be good to your animals and their people! Be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Tim, Jenny, and the Yogie Cats

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