December 2007 Sanctuary News


December is here, although it doesn’t really feel like it, and with that comes a very busy time for most of us. December 15th will be our last day to be open to the public for the season. We open again the first Saturday in April 2008. The reason we close in the winter is because it is typically our rainy season here in Louisiana and we have a natural landscape without paved walkways. We don’t want our visitors walking in puddles. We hope that you have an opportunity to visit us before the season ends.

The winter months are very difficult on us financially because we do close during this time. We have to come up with other ways to bring in revenue for the animals and you are the most important part of this all. We hope you won’t forget us during the lean winter months and continue to send your tax-deductible donation to help the animals. Remember, it is all about the animals. Yogie and Friends is a 100% driven organization and none of us receive any compensation for what we do. We love these animals and want only the best for them. We want to make it a better life for them. They certainly deserve it.African Lioness BooBoo

Boo Boo has a birthday on December 4th. She was born in 1999.

With all the different holidays upon us we hope that you will remember the Yogie animals during your gift buying. There are so many ways you can help our animals and you may not even realize it. For instance, if you shop on-line, and many of us do to avoid the crowds and traffic, you can help in different ways. You can go to or, or and select Yogie and Friends as your charity of choice. Any one of these organizations will donate a percentage of your purchase to our cause and it is very simple to do. Heck, you don’t even have to leave your house to help the animals, but we hope you do come and visit. So, please remember us during all your holiday and gift giving times.

If you are a big magazine subscriber, then your subscriptions or renewals can help us when you do so at and purchase or renew your magazines there. You will receive a big discount at the same time helping the big cats at Yogie and Friends. They give us a large percentage. What a great gift giving idea and a fun and easy way to help.

Doing the happy holiday eating thing? Well, you can really do some amazing fundraising for the cats. Do you shop at Kroger’s? Well we have a Kroger share card that is good in Louisiana and Texas. All you have to do is have the cashier scan the share card every time you buy something there and they will donate 1% of what your grocery bill is to Yogie and Friends. It doesn’t cost you a thing. This is Kroger’s way of contributing to our cause. You can send us a self-addressed stamped envelope and a note on the outside of the envelope saying: Kroger Share Card and how many next to it and we’ll send them right to you or you can just print out a copy of the card from this website and it will scan. With Christmas, New Years, Super Bowl Parties, and just plain old everyday grocery shopping you are doing more with this card than you realize. It really adds up.

We really could use some carpentry help with our education building. We just need two outside doors installed, a bathroom and office door installed, and the overhead lights and ceiling fan installed and the building will be up and ready to go. You have no idea how much this little bit can contribute to Yogie in ways of financial help. The building can be used for birthday parties, a small gift shop, and other revenue producing events that benefit the Yogie and Friends animals. Please pass this info along to anyone you think has the time, the skills, and the volunteer heart to help us with finishing this project.

Volunteers of the Month: Our volunteers of the month are Damon and Paige Bass for their amazing work with putting together the Orange and Black Friday. This was all their idea and doing and it was really a cool event. A very special thank you to those bands who gave so freely of their time to make this possible. We so appreciate you all in this.

We are planning on having a volunteer recruitment after the holidays. There are several volunteer needs and we want to get the community more involved. Keep watching the website for updates and information regarding this.

Yes, we are going to have our ever popular bake sale. We hold these every six months at Courtyard Coffee in Shreveport and we will put this on the schedule again for March 2008. We may be adding a twist to this next one. We hope to have a silent auction with this one. More to come.

Check out the programs being offered at Yogie and Friends. There is the Yogie and Friends Membership Program, Sponsorship Program, and Corporate Sponsorship Program. These are programs that help us support the animals and another way that you can get involved. Program packages are available here on our website.

Old Cell Phones? Don’t know what to do with those old phones. Can’t toss them out… They’re not biodegradable.  Give them up… and help. For more information about recycling your old cell phones, printer ink cartridges and how to support Yogie and Friends Contact Jane Greenwood at 603-516-3706 or email

Do you Google? Well, then why not go to instead and do your searches there? Goodsearch is a search engine, but they donate to charity. When you go to Goodsearch and select Yogie and Friends as your charity they will donate a certain amount of money for every search you do on their search engine. It may seem small at first, but it all adds up to dollars and cents for the animals. Give them a try.

You can also donate at or to help the cats.

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Also make sure you provide all your animals, inside and outside, fresh, clean, and cool water. Provide good shade shelter for those animals outside. NEVER leave your animals outside in the hot car. The temperatures get dangerously high and they will die in a closed vehicle.

Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Jenny Senier, Executive Director, and the Yogie Cats!

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