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Kroger Community Rewards Program

Link your Kroger Plus Card for the Community Rewards Program. Our charity NPO number is: 80724

All you need to do to participate is go to Kroger’s website and register your Kroger Plus Card online.  Once your card is registered you can go to the Community Rewards Program page, select Yogie and Friends as your charity of choice and then link your Kroger Plus Card to the Rewards program.

Every time an enrolled participant shops at Kroger using his or her Kroger Plus card, Yogie and Friends accumulates rewards. In addition, once a household member enrolls his or her card, all linked Kroger Plus cards within that household will begin earning funds for Yogie and Friends.

Please make sure you register your Kroger Plus Card on line and then link Yogie and Friends as your charity of choice. This only applies to Texas and Louisiana shoppers for us. Thank you in advance.


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Moses African Lion Moses was born 27 Feb 06 as the result of a failed vasectomy. He is an (Pantheras Leo) African Lion.

Moses surprised us all with his will to survive since his mother did not know how to care for him. He had to be hand raised as a result.

 Videos of Moses from our Facebook page:





Photos of Moses the lion



Moses Return to Yogie and Friends – an article at the Shreveport Times

Lion cub returns to Louisiana sanctuary
July 8, 2006

By Vickie Welborn,

FRIERSON — Moses the lion cub is settling into his new home at Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary.

The 4-month-old cub returned Friday afternoon after growing healthy enough to return to his birthplace. Moses has been hand-raised at the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler, Texas, since shortly after his surprise Feb. 27 birth.

Moses is the product of an unsuccessful vasectomy that allowed him to be born to two adult lions, Boo Boo and Batman, who share the same pen at Yogie and Friends. Unfortunately, Boo Boo, a first-time mother, did not bond with her cub, prompting Yogie and Friends co-founders Tim Mills and Jenny Senier to place him temporarily with the Tyler refuge.

Moses suffered health problems at the beginning, and his survival was touch-and-go at first.

But at a healthy 35 pounds, Moses was ready Friday for a return trip to the Frierson sanctuary. His departure from Tiger Creek on Friday afternoon was an emotional one for his handlers.

"I’m excited and a little nervous," said Senier of her first hands-on experience with a lion club. "Tim has done this before, but not me."

Moses is no longer bottle-fed; he’s eating about four pounds of meat a day.

Some donations from the public helped Mills and volunteers to build a 1,000-square foot pen that will serve as Moses’ home until he reaches about 100 pounds. Then, he’ll be incorporated into a pen with the other lions.

Still, Moses’ new surroundings will be larger than what he’s grown up in at the Tyler refuge.

"He’ll be surrounded by the other lions, so he has the sights, smells and sounds of his family around him," Senier said.

Mills, who lives on the property, and Senier will keep a close eye on Moses as he gets used to his new environment. Any behavioral changes will be addressed, "but we don’t expect any problems. He’s used to being in the outdoors now."

"We’re always nervous with a new animal because we want the best for them," Senier added.

Yogie and Friends provides a sanctuary for other lions, tigers, cougars, bobcats and servals that have been rescued from roadside zoos or other unsafe living conditions. The public is allowed to view the animals, but not touch or hold them. The same will be the case with Moses, although Senier admits that because he’s so small, she’s already had requests to show him off.

"But that’s not what we do," Senier said.

Moses can be viewed during the weekend hours of operation.

As for daddy Batman, he’s scheduled for another vasectomy Sunday. "I hope it works this time," Senier said.


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Putty Tat

indochinese tiger Putty Tat, was the first cat that arrived in 2000. He is an (Pantheras Corbetti) Indochinese Tiger.

He was born 26 Sep 1998. He arrived from Texas.





Putty Tat – our Indochinese tiger





indochinese tiger


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Samson & Delilah

samson and delilah tigers Samson and Delilah arrived 23 Jan 01, Samson was age 6, and Delilah age 5. They are (Pantheras Tigris Tigris) Bengal tigers.

They were rescued, none too soon, from Texas. A local veterinarian made Tim aware of them. “Sammy” was so emaciated and sickly that Tim had to hand feed him for a week. Sammy couldn’t even walk when Tim got him. Delilah wasn’t in much better shape, but she could walk.

This is Sammy and Delilah in their old home, which we were glad to rescue them from:Rescued Bengal Tigers

When they were young kittens, Delilah was thrown into a swimming pool and pulled all her muscles. She wouldn’t go into a pool again until the summer of 2005 when she surprised us all by getting into the pool. We started noticing her dipping her foot in and eventually she went in. This was one very happy moment for us. Sammy and Delilah went from feces and urine infested, shade less, pool less, cramped little concrete covered cage (no house either) to a large dirt and grass-covered pen with their own pool, house, and shade. They now have lots of food and lots of love.

Isn’t Delilah beautiful?


Here is Samson in 2007, as big and healthy as he deserves to be.



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Speedy Gonzales

African Serval Speedy Gonzales, arrived 26 Aug 2003, at age about 2 ½ years old, is an (Felis Serval) African Serval.

Speedy came to us from Puyallup, Washington as the result of a divorce. He lived in a two-bedroom apartment with the couple until the ex-husband said he could no longer take care of him. Speedy had some reaction to the climate and had some allergies when he arrived, but is now doing very well. He is like a typical house cat that will ignore you when he has played enough. Servals have a life span of about 19 years.

african serval




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american bobcat Taz arrived June 2004, at about 3 years old. Taz is an American (Lynx Rufus) Bobcat. He arrived from Arkansas.

We got Taz as a result of someone wanting to “rehab” him back into the wild. The only thing is that he was being fed boneless, skinless chicken breasts and had been both front and rear declawed. Someone foolishly thought he would survive reentry into the wild. He surely would have died without the skills to hunt or the physical features and ability to do so.



Taz, american bobcat


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black leopard Tigger arrived 6 Oct 2001, age 4 months old. He is a (Pantheras Pardus) Black Leopard.

Tigger was owned by a woman in Texas who agreed to surrender him because of how large and powerful he would eventually grow to be.


black leopard



black leopard













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african lioness Yogie arrived 26 May 2001, age 1 year. She is an African Lion (Pantheras Leo) and came to us from Arkansas.


african lioness


Yogie was kept in a pen with lots of other cats. The park had too many so we took her in at 18 months old. BooBoo needed a companion so we brought her to the sanctuary.

Here’s Yogie doing some yardwork raking the grass in her area of the sanctuary.

african lioness






african lioness


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40,000 pounds of meat lost

Unfortunately we lost over 40,000 pounds of meat in our large walk-in freezer. It hasn’t been determined just yet what happened to the freezer and it is currently being worked on. We thought maybe a recent thunder storm caused the damage with lightening hitting it, but the electrical aspect is fine. So, it is back to the drawing board. We know things will work out but we just don’t need that kind of a financial burden.

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