2004 January News


Can you believe another year is now upon us? We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday and now its on to the New Year.

There are so many needs at Yogie and Friends and I felt that it required my full attention to do them. So, I quit my job as a mental health clinical manager. Many people would think that is a pretty foolish thing to do. Give up a semi decent paying job. Well, I am retired Air Force too and I figure that pays my mortgage and car payment. I dont need much else. I feel the animals can use my full-time fundraising help. After all, isnt this what Yogie and Friends is all about? Taking care of the cats? So, I will be pounding the pavement, so to speak, to help raise money to make the sanctuary even nicer for our cats.

We have 18 animals now. This past year we had to turn away 60 big cats and one bear. But, we were still able to accept 4 cats. Taz, Boudreau, Batman and Robin. We always want to do more, but because of the lack of funds we cant.

We decided to close for the winter from December 15th to April 1st. Usually we have really bad weather with rain, wind, mud, and the usual yuck that comes with it. Even though we do close for this time we will do tours if the weather permits. Just give us a call and if we can do a tour we will. But, because we are closed during these months it makes it tougher on the financial stuff. You can still donate on-line or by sending your donations directly to Yogie and Friends. Deer season is over and now we need a great deal of your help with funds for food. Hope you can help us with this.

Our VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH is David and Tonia Zuber. They built another beautiful house for us. This one is for Morticia and Pooh Bear. They love it and we are very grateful. The timing was perfect with the changing weather. Thanks again!

I recently filled out the paperwork to try for the KTBS one class at a time grant. It is a $1000 grant that they do to help with education. If we are fortunate enough to get this it will be used to complete the inside of the education building we have now on sight. We have a 16×24 building that we need to insulate, drywall, put power in and start teaching. So, keep your fingers crossed. This will be a good thing.

We had a little difficulty getting our sign posted in a good spot for our visitors, but we recently were able to post it thanks to a wonderful lady next door. Ms. Nevada Walker let us post it on her property so that people coming out can see it from either direction on the Stonewall-Frierson road. Thanks so much Ms. Walker for your kindness.

This past year we have completed a great deal of work on the facility. We are always trying to upgrade and make the sanctuary a much nicer place for the cats and our visitors. This year our plans are to continue upgrading the facility to make safety improvements and the overall esthetics. We just finished work on putting together a walk-in cooler. This will help with easier handling and storage of food. However, we are still in need of a walk-in freezer. Hopefully this year we will get the funds to accept as many cats as we are offered and not have to turn any away. This is our goal and our dream.

The weather is outside has gotten colder so please make sure your pets and livestock have fresh unfrozen water.  Check their food and water daily to make sure it is sufficient. Also make sure they have a warm dry place to live.

We can still use lots of help. If you want to volunteer with anything please give us a call. Tim needs help with physical labor and I can use help with the fundraising. Check with us if you want to help the cats.

As always be kind to your animals. You are all that they have. Hope to see or hear from you soon.


VP, Yogie and Friends

Here is a little information about me, Jenny Senier

I was born and raised in Boston. I joined the Air Force when I was 17 and I retired from it in 1998. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and Nationally Certified Counselor. Phew! Thats a mouthful isnt it? I work at a mental health rehab in Shreveport and I work with several children. I have found several of the children I work with are often very withdrawn and wont talk much. But, when I bring them to see these cats I can hardly shut them up. These animals do wonders to help others as well. I started working with Tim to help write grants. Sadly, I found that there are no grants for sanctuaries such as ours. Yes, Chimp Haven has, but they qualified because of the research chimps they will house. So, we depend on the public and our own salaries to do this. I am the person who conducts tours and gets out to the public to try and educate. This is a team effort and lots of work. It is very rewarding once you see these beautiful animals and then to see them get better, like Delilah. We need your help. We hope you will.

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