2003 July News

Our Monthly Update from Tim Mills, Yogie and Friends hardworking Executive Director!

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Hi everyone,

It’s July again and it’s my Birthday this month! Yep, another year older and do I feel the pain. We had a really hard time this past month. Snaggletooth, one of our female lions had to be put down. We are all very sad and still mourning her death. You can read about her on the home page, and donate in her name.

The Sanctuary is growing and getting more calls to take cats but we do not have the space or the money. I received a call to take 4 more big cats, which I had to turn down. I did tell them about other places, and found some of them homes. Its really hard to know a cat has no home and you can’t take it. The good news is that we took another cat in this past month. He is a 3 year old bobcat that has been declawed and in need of a home. He came to us from Texas. He is very good looking and seems to be in good health.

Yogie and Friends is now a member of the Bossier City Chamber of Commerce. We are going to have a Ribbon Cutting at the Sanctuary later this month. Hopefully this will be the start of more businesses noticing us and supporting us.

Its very hot outside so be sure you keep your pets and livestock in shaded areas and with fresh cold water. Also, if you take your pet with you in a car, make sure you don’t leave it in the car. It gets HOT and it WILL KILL your pet. Even keeping your window cracked, it is still over 120 degrees inside a car and that will kill any animal very fast so please be careful.

Like always, we are in need of monthly and yearly financial support. Our cost to keep these beautiful creatures is very high and we are in need of anything you can give. All the money goes to the support of the cats, no one gets paid. So, please give. Thank you.

The Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin (see them here), have arrived at Yogie and Friends. They are living with Yogie and Boo Boo. They are trying to solve the case of “The Missing Christmas Turkeys”. Batman and Robin are two 14 month old male lion cubs. They were at a Zoo in Texas but were not wanted so found their way here to Yogie and Friends. They are getting along with Boo Boo and Yogie nicely and getting to know me. So come on down and help Batman and Robin solve the puzzle of the missing Christmas Turkeys.

We are in need of money and donations of any sort. As you know, there is no funding for what we do, no sanctuary(except chimp haven) gets any federal or state funding. There is no funding available  to us so we depend upon you and businesses to donate funds so we can rescue and care for these great animals.

We are in need of other types of help as there is so much to do here that we can’t do it all. Most of the work is caring for the lawn, fencing, leading tours. No one will be near the cats or be in any danger from them. If you can help in any way, Yogie and Friends will be very grateful.

Tonia and David Zuber have built Leo, Snagglepuss and Snaggletooth a new cat house. Its really huge and nice and the cats really love it very much, Thanks!

We also put in a security system so we can see everyone who gets near the pens. This will make the area  more secure and safe for the cats.

As always, please make sure your animals have “fresh” cool water, shade to get out of the sun and a veterinarian check up every year. Remember, they have no one to look after them but you.

These children are every good when they come out,  they want to learn about each animal. Cassie Rose is teaching the school children when they come out. Her husband, Tony, also helps when hes not working. They are a big help and know a lot about the cats and love the children. We are thankful for the donations these children and teachers are giving to the cats. Everything they give helps out the cats. Thank you.

Speedy has gotten a new pool. He is slowly getting used to it. Pooh Bear is still a big kitty, (about 650 lbs) and very sweet. I got a horse brush for the cats and most of them love to be brushed. Only a few of them dont like it and some want to play with the brush. This is the time of year the animals shed their winter coat, and they lose a lot of hair.

There is so much to do and say here but I will add this: If you see anyone abusing an animal, please call the police. It is against the law to abuse animals, and make sure they come out and do something about it. We are the only ones the animals have to help them, we are their voices.

The pens are in need of lots of work the next few months and hopefully we can get in some donations and volunteers to help do all the work that needs to be done. We still need at least 4 new pens built.

All the cats are doing very well, and playing in their swimming pools. They are soooo neat and just awesome.

 There are two topics I wish to address this month, first is “Animal and Human Abuse”, second is “Zoo surplus animal dumping”. Please read this article, it is very important. We need to take action against these things in our culture, so if you see this happening, please report it to the local police and keep on them until they do something about it. 

The cats are all doing fine, just a little wet when they play in the rain. They have good shelters built by David and Toni Zuber, which we are very grateful. Summer is just around the corner and the cats love to play in the water.

It has been very slow the past month, donations are down seriously. Please everyone who sees this, send a donation to help out the cats. All the money goes to help the cats.

Those who want to help please e-mail me and come out to see me. Please do this more than one time, since I get lots of people say they want to help and then we never see them. Also, I’m very busy and forget things at times, so if you really want to help, please keep after me. Those who have gave a donation and I haven’t put your name on the web site, please let me know, I do forget things. I’m just human so please forgive me.

Here is an e-mail I got from my Yahoo Tiger club. I hope you will read it and know what we are up against. Thank you. Read it here.

I hope everyone will sign our guest book and e-mail our Congressional members and let them know we need very strict laws concerning ownership of exotic animals. You can e-mail them below.

We are also in need of funds, as we are not supported by any state or federal government. There are no grants out there for sanctuaries, so we depend upon your help. And please remember your animals during this time of year. Its hotter outside and they are in need of  shelter from the heat. Make sure the water bowls are full of clean water. This will take time to do, but a pet depends upon no one but you. Please be a responsible pet owner.

We have a golf cart for those who are handicapped so they can enjoy the cats also.

Please remember these cats are NOT PETS. These animals are very dangerous and can kill or seriously hurt you . It does not mean that the cats are bad or evil, this is what they are and what they do. We do not promote these animals as pets. They belong in the wild, but because of man and the desire to own them as pets they lose their natural environment. The animals suffer from a lack of room, a good diet, vet care, a mate, and so on. Also the owners are in danger of the cat hurting them and whoever is in the cats area. So please, if you or someone you know wants to buy a cute little exotic cat, understand that they get big fast and its very dangerous and not healthy for the animal. If you care for wild animals at all, just don’t do it.

Hope to see ya out here real soon!!

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