Spring 2001 Sanctuary News

Our Web Site is new beginning in February 2001. We wish to thank  C. E. Prince  of Bossier City, La. for helping us create our Web Page.

I would like to thank Cindy Brooks C.P.A. for  doing the taxes.

Also, “HARRIS DOCK ENTERPRISES” for doing the new T-SHIRTS – coming soon. 

MONJUNIS  CAFE NIGHT June 12, 5-8pm. 1315 Louisiana Ave.  Mention to your waiter or waitress yogie and friends and help support us.

We currently have 8 cats, 6 tigers and 2 lions and look to be growing.

In January  2001 two grown Bengal Tigers were picked up from east Texas, the cats were in poor health and under weight. They are recovering nicely.

The Shreveport-Bossier, La. (SB) Magazine will be featuring our Sanctuary in the June issue.

We would welcome your comments and feedback about our Web Site. Any advise would be helpful.

I would also like to thank everyone else who has helped us out.

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